Anastasia Prikhodko took up her figure

Anastasia Prikhodko took up her figureForthcoming performance on the Eurovision stage was for Anastasia Prikhodko powerful incentive singer has collected will in a fist and started their figure. The artist began to limit yourself to food.First it was his favorite dish - pasta with sausage, and it became her most difficult test. In the "black list" also hit and other flour products, as well as all fried and sweet. On pastry imposed very strict ban. In addition, the singer does not eat after six and regularly visits the gym, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".The result was not long in coming. Minus 5 pounds - these are the first results of a strict diet, which Nastya village immediately after the qualifying round, held a month ago in "Ostankino".Surrounding noticed a figure Prikhodko, when she appeared in a new image at the last filming of the TV show "Two stars" and at the concert, held in the Kremlin over the weekend. Friends of the actress said that Nastya much prettier, becoming even more charming and attractive.Changes to the figure resulted in a change of wardrobe of the singer. More recently, Prikhodko preferred to appear in public in voluminous dresses that hides all figure flaws, and now she chooses body-hugging dress that underlines all her delights.According to information from the inner circle of the singer, Anastasia has long wanted to lose weight, but always put off. Observing a strict diet, she once lost control of himself, it happened during the filming of the video for the contest entry. Facing covered dining table, she has tried everything, so long denied himself. But then I got over myself and went back to the diet. Source: Nastya Prikhodko took up her figure.

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