The Vatican called the last `Harry Potter` best

The Vatican called the last `Harry Potter` bestThe Vatican newspaper L'osservatore Romano published an article in which the last "Potter" called "today's Best adaptation of the novels by J. To. Rowling".Even teenage love with sticky kisses't confuse Catholic critics - it, he says, gives the film credibility and adds "the right balance". The main advantage of the film, according to film critics in cassocks, "he shows that to win over the forces of evil need to make sacrifices. The price is sometimes high".Yes, we have heard about it. In General this is a very strange story. First, the Vatican is usually very bad to blockbusters, especially for films, somehow associated with a religious theme. You know that "Angels and Demons" was ideologically sustained and deeply conservative in fact, a and the L'osservatore Romano expressed harsh criticism of the blasphemy of the tape.But this is not the most amazing. "Harry Potter" - godless book, at least in the sense that all seven volumes of the word "God" is not mentioned even once. JK Rowling avoids it with all diligence. Is it too big a sacrifice? Source: the Vatican called the last "Harry Potter" best.


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