Robert De Niro could be involved in `Machete`

Robert De Niro could be involved in `Machete`Robert Rodriguez still filmed his own trailer to "Grindhouse and determined cast. In addition to performing the main role Danny Trejo, the film can be busy Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah hill and Robert De Niro.Information was received from the camp Director, from anonymous sources. Filming "Machete" will begin on 29 July. The Director's chair Rodriguez shares with his long-time editor Ethan Manikyam. In the role of Machete - Danny Trejo, which is assumed by the trailer.But then the fun begins. Sources indicate that Michelle Rodriguez will play a kind of Machete in a skirt and call John hill a kind of "Julio" - what will be the role in the movie star "SuperПерцев" is unclear. But the corrupt Senator McLaughlin who inserts a Machete, went himself to Robert De Niro. In principle, Rodriguez is famous for his ability to lure the stars to the tiniest roles, so it may well be true.Of course, it makes sense to apply this information, as with something from the world of rumors until we have received official approval. Source: Robert De Niro can take a "Machete"".


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