The Mikhalkov's daughter is preparing for her wedding with Director

The Mikhalkov's daughter is preparing for her wedding with DirectorThe noble blood actress Nadia Mikhalkov and fashion Director Rezo Gigineishvili has come out of hiding on the boulevards, hiding a romantic relationship.So lovers behaved last summer when they realized that they would be together. Now Nadia and Rezo openly sit in the best restaurants of the city in an embrace, and there was no conspiracy: six months before the wedding - not before.DinnerGigineishvili, which for a long time could not offer my daughter Nikita Sergeevich hand and heart, finally, officially divorced from singer Nastya Kochetkova and is ready to become a member of the "gentleman" of the family. 21-year-old Nadia, despite such large-scale future changes, remains the epitome of modesty. Even such bold actions as the escape film with my sister, she does quietly, as if to say "I am not involved". With prestigious ceremony, which is annually conducted by Anna Mikhalkov, Nadia and Rezo ran off, not waiting for the start. Couple went to an expensive restaurant in the center of Moscow.- A table at our restaurant has been booked in advance - shared with LIFE.RU in the restaurant. - Rezo is often the case, the last time with Nadia. Drink, usually wine, and eats it as a secular lady is all sorts of salads of arugula.LoveAs it became known LIFE.RU to put in the passports stamps Gigineishvili suggested Mikhalkova during the Christmas vacation the couple took them in Paris. Then Hope and showed that modest she just looks and daddy's. It turned out that a young artist decided long ago that ready to say goodbye to his bachelor life, and for the sake of someone he knew, too.With Rezo Gigineishvili Mikhalkov Jr. met a year ago. Then just a friend, how could Nadia, supported him in difficult life situations: marriage with "fabricando" Kochetkova was bursting at the seams. The young singer gave birth Gigineishvili daughter Masha, and loud wedding young talents a long time to remember the secular elite. And then Gigineishvili if he was gone, ceased to appear at film premieres, secular parties. During this period he appeared next to him the girl did not want to pose for the cameras. This girl and it was Nadia Mikhalkov.At that moment the daughter Nikita Sergeevich "gentle friends" with the soloist of group "Umaturman" Vladimir Kristovskis.NovelMikhalkov Gigineishvili and began to intersect at ceremonial celebrations. Hope gave Rezo faith in the sincerity of which he seemed lost in a failed marriage, and hope. The hope that 26 years is not the age to put family life on the cross.- Rezo generally we have smart boy, " said LIFE.RU mom Nastya Kochetkova Elena Konstantinovna. - When he was studying at the Institute, met with my daughter Batalov! So, you can say,... he has such a bright way!- Nadia is a wonderful girl and a wonderful actress, " says Gigineishvili. - We are very good together. But I don't want to flaunt our relationship... Source: Mikhalkov's Daughter is preparing for her wedding with Director.


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