Drew Barrymore came out for gay marriage

Drew Barrymore came out for gay marriageAs you know, the California Supreme court, by a six to one vote, approved the amendment, called Proposition 8, which prohibits residents of the state to officially register same-sex marriages.Against the adoption of Proposition 8 were many celebrities: Steven Spielberg, for example, or brad pitt. Both have donated considerable funds for the campaign against the amendment. Now its part agreed to amend and drew Barrymore. The actress took part in a protest March held in West Hollywood."I am who I am, thanks to those people who have influenced me when I was growing up, and many of these people were gay. "She said. - No one has the right to tell anyone that has a family... You choose your battles in this world. If you fight for everything, you are just a talker. And this is something that means everything to me". Source: drew Barrymore came out for gay marriage.


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