Revealed scandalous past Sarkozy

Revealed scandalous past SarkozyThe French accuse the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy that a few years ago, as a lawyer, he helped its clients avoid taxes, setting the stage for a special Bank account in Switzerland.According to French publication Rue89, such accusations can severely damage the reputation of Sarkozy, who is struggling to "return the morality of capitalism" and to force a national company to stop using "loopholes" in tax laws.So, in his tenure as attorney Sarkozy in 1988 helped Henry Leconte, a former tennis champion. In order to transfer several million dollars in the US, Sarkozy introduced him to the Geneva banker Jacques Hierom. Subsequently, the athlete was the victim of fraudulent transactions Haera. The court sentenced the Swiss financier to several years of imprisonment. As notes the edition, environment Sarkozy denies his contacts with the scammer.Recall that Nicolas Sarkozy is fighting for the idea of a strong Europe with a leading role of France and Germany and a minimal role for the "Anglo-Saxons". In this regard, on the eve of the G20 summit, who yesterday ended in London, sparked the conflict. France insists on the introduction of more rigorous international monitoring of the financial market and the creation of a global Supervisory authority. However, this idea is rejected British Prime Minister, USA, Germany and other countries.Now French edition notes with irony that the President, who previously was involved in dishonest financial transactions, calls for total control over the activities of companies. Source: scandalous past Revealed Sarkozy.


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