Kobzon prepare for surgery

Kobzon prepare for surgery71-year-old people's artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon was hospitalized in connection with the upcoming operation.As reports "RIA Novosti", Joseph Kobzon is located in Russian oncological scientific center named. Blokhin on Kashirskoye highway."Joseph Davydovich the day before arrived at the Institute, a cancer center, in connection with the upcoming operation. The operation is scheduled for Monday, - said the Agency interlocutor. - Before that Kobzon was observed long enough on an outpatient basis and once a week in the cancer center for an examination".Health problems Kobzon started a long time ago. For six years, Joseph is struggling with a serious illness - prostate cancer.Early in the year he was operated on in Germany, but because of a weakened immune system inflammatory process has begun in the area of the surgical site. Recent test results showed that he was all right.Meanwhile, personal assistant to the singer refused to comment on the state of his health, and his office said that this information is untrue.In September 2009 Kobzon will celebrate 72 years. During his stage career, he's had a lot of loads that could not affect the health of the singer. For example, Joseph Kobzon has held the record number of concerts per day - 12. The longest by time Concerto (farewell) Joseph Kobzon started at 19 PM and ended at 7: 40 am. He does more than 40 flights per month. Joseph Kobzon is listed in the "record Book of Russia" - the singer is recognized as the most famous artist of the country. Source: Kobzon prepare for surgery.


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