Bloody brawl at a concert Serduchka

Bloody brawl at a concert SerduchkaAndrey Danilko out why the Germans called tough guys, once at his concert in the city of Papertalk in front of him had a fight with two fans.The incident occurred while on tour.Two young men, without mincing words and without thinking about the consequences, immediately after the start of the concert, staged a fight in front of the stage, on which stood Andrew. The fight was decent script new series "Fights without rules": so vehemently guys fought for... one chair in the front row. Through the fault of the organizers on their tickets were marked with the same visual space.FightThe actor surprised the audience no less than the fighting. Andrew, being in a familiar manner Serduchka, saw the fight and rushed to separate the angry Germans - however, words that were quite effective.- Submit a picture! I go out to sing, and beneath you, like gladiators, fighting two guys, " recalls the scandal Andrey Danilko. - I thought at first that it seemed to me, as the spotlights blinded much of the eye. But then I took a closer look and was horrified. I had to pull them apart.By this time it ran up the stage guard of the concert stage and separated bullies.First came one the viewer and sat down on it, then there was another with the same ticket, and they got into a fight due to the fact that nobody wanted to give each other this place, " continues Danilko. But in the end we managed to seat the fighters on different ends of the series. However, I don't know how they were watching a concert, because both were pretty mangled from his own cuffs. Source: Bloody brawl at a concert Serduchka.


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