Paris Hilton became a member of another scandal

Paris Hilton became a member of another scandalParis Hilton never ceases to amaze. During another noisy party on a visit to the heiress of a hotel chain the police had come, summoned by disgruntled neighbours.After that, according to eyewitnesses, the fun is in the mansion died down a bit, but in the morning, all waiting for the big surprise.Several neighbor's parked car, including two Bentley, Maserati and two Bugatti Veyron, someone threw eggs. Owners of expensive cars immediately Orient, accusing the beauty of Paris and its noisy guests in the vandalism, reports response to this socialite indignantly stated that her Bentley also suffered at the hands of unknown, besides the house is absolutely empty fridge and eggs he has never been there. Source: Paris Hilton became a member of another scandal.

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