Sister Jackson was sure that her brother was killed

Sister Jackson was sure that her brother was killedSister of the deceased king of pop Michael Jackson's 53-year-old La Toya Jackson is convinced that her brother who was killed, writes the British tabloid Mail on Sunday."I believe Michael was murdered, I felt it from the start. Did not one person, it was a conspiracy," said La Toya in an interview.According to her, the singer was "very quiet, soft, loving person" he knew and actively used by many "is not part of the intimate circle, but strived to get there" people."Michael was worth much more than a billion dollars. But when someone is so much around him will always be people hungry for money," she said.Her assumption about the murder of his brother and indirectly confirmed the results of the second autopsy singer received on Friday, July 10. Pathologists discovered four new scar on his neck Jackson.La Toya was the closest to Michael, and it was she who insisted that a re-opening of the body of the singer.Recall, Michael Jackson died on June 25 2009 in California at the age of 50 years. Tuesday, July 7, in Los Angeles held a farewell ceremony with the singer. According to the research company Nielsen Media Research, a farewell ceremony was watched by around 31 million viewers. Place and date of the funeral of Michael Jackson is still unknown. Source: Sister Jackson was sure that her brother was killed.


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