Picasso topped the rating of the top 200 artists of the world

Picasso topped the rating of the top 200 artists of the worldThe British newspaper the Times ranked top 200 artists who lived in the period from the beginning of XX century to our days.Edition four months ago, asked its readers to vote for the most famous artists of this time. For different artists were filed with 1.4 million votes.As a result first place with 21587 votes, took the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. The last line of the rating is occupied contemporary Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. Second place was given to the French impressionist Paul Cezanne, third readers chose the founder of the Austrian art Nouveau painting by Gustav Klimt.In the top ten also included two French impressionist Claude Monet and Henri Matisse, Marcel Duchamp, famous, including his controversial installation with urinal, American artist Jackson Pollock.Completing the top ten legend of pop art Andy Warhol, the representative of abstract expressionism, Willem de Kooning and renowned modernist Piet Mondrian.According to the newspaper, at first glance, the results of this survey may seem quite predictable, however you can discover some oddities. For example, what makes a contemporary artist Martin Kippenberger, whose paintings, in particular, represented in the Saatchi Gallery, in the twenty great?According to observers of the newspaper, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo does not deserve such a high place, like the 19th, in this representative company - after all, even the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch famous painting "the Scream" is only 46th place.Even if we assume that Kahlo noted due to the fact that her paintings Express the feminine essence, seems strange that Louise Bourgeois with the impact that had on future generations of her work was only 70.According to the newspaper, the best of British artists in the rating - Francis bacon - only 12-th, 30-th place is super popular in the UK Lucien Freud. Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst took 52nd and 53rd place respectively.Russian artists in the rating included Wassily Kandinsky (15th place), the Creator of "Black square" Kazimir Malevich (17th place). 95 th place in the list is a Ukrainian-American artist and sculptor Alexander Archipenko, whose work is represented in almost all the major museums of the world. 135 place was taken by one of the founders of constructivism and Alexander Rodchenko.Twenty of the best artists of the XX and beginning of XXI century1. Pablo Picasso2. Paul Cezanne3. Gustav Klimt4. Claude Monet5. Marcel Duchamp6. Henri Matisse7. Jackson Pollock8. Andy Warhol9. Willem de Kooning10. Piet Mondrian11. Paul Gauguin12. Francis Bacon13. Robert Rauschenberg14. Georges Braque15. Wassily Kandinsky16. Constantin Brancusi17. Kazimir Malevich18. Jasper Johns19. Frida Kahlo20. Martin Kippenberger Source: Picasso topped the rating of the top 200 artists of the world.


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