Participants `Eurovision 2009` sang in the Netherlands

Participants `Eurovision 2009` sang in the NetherlandsPresentation and concert upcoming in may in Moscow song contest "Eurovision" was held on Saturday and in the night of Sunday in the Netherlands, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.The song contest "Eurovision-2009" will be the 54th account, the semifinals will be held on 12 and 14 may, the final on 16 may. Russia received the right to host the competition after winning the 2008 contest in Belgrade Dima Bilan. This year Russia in the final of the competition will represent the Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko with the song "Mamo", which was written by her producer and composer Konstantin Meladze.First Saturday of singers and musical groups from around 20 countries - participants of the Moscow competition met in the Hague. At the entrance of the New Church next to the town hall they were met by the Deputy mayor Frits Huffnagel (Frits Huffnagel) and members of the Toppers that will represent the Netherlands in Moscow: the singers Jeroen van der boom (Jeroen van der Boom), Rene Froger (Rene Froger) and Gordon (Gordon). Among guests at the Hague contestants - jade (Jade) from UK, Thoraya (Soraya) from Spain, Chiara (Chiara) from Malta, Nelly Ciobanu (Nelly Ciobanu) from Moldova, Johanna (Johanna) from Iceland, Christina Metaxa (Christina Metaxa) from Cyprus, the Irish singer Sinead Mulvey with a group of "black Daisy" (Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy), group Alex Swings Oscar Sings Germany, and others."We are incredibly honored to perform in Moscow, told RIA Novosti Jeroen van der boom. - Knowing that we will represent the Netherlands there, we said to each other: "How fortunate we rolled to go to the contest in this beautiful city". For us it is a dream, and we look forward to its implementation. In Moscow we will play with the song Shine ("Light", "Lights"), which is sung about friendship, joy and fun. In my opinion, this is the most important thing in life, and at the song festival. Of course, we count on success in Moscow, but in the competition will participate a lot of strong performers, which is great and winning is not so important. Most importantly, we are confident that we will get great pleasure from performances in Moscow. What is the place we will take, depends on the vote and we hope that viewers and listeners will be kindly disposed towards us.".


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