Folks Carradine is asking the FBI on the investigation

Folks Carradine is asking the FBI on the investigationThe family of American actor David Carradine has asked the FBI to investigate his death, reports the Associated Press.The Carradine's body was found in a hotel in Bangkok on Thursday, June 4. At first it was reported that the actor hanged himself, but then it turned out that Carradine might have died during some experiment of a sexual nature.The lawyer brother of the late actor said that relatives do not believe in suicide of Carradine and concerned about conflicting reports about the circumstances of his death. According to recent reports, the actor was found with a rope tied to his neck, wrist and genitals. "They want the investigation," said lawyer mark Geragos representing Keith Carradine. - I suppose in Bangkok will support the investigation involving the FBI, which will allow us to get answers to your questions".Thai police reported that so far no initiatives, the FBI has not been reported. On Friday, police announced that the 72-year-old actor, who was in Bangkok for the shooting, died from suffocation or a heart attack. The representative of the medical institution, where he conducted an autopsy on the body of the deceased, announced that the results of the examination have to wait at least three weeks.The coffin with the body of Carradine on Saturday morning was sent to the USA on United Airlines, following through Tokyo. In the capital of Thailand actor, best known to modern audiences for her title role in the movie "Kill bill", arrived last week. Two days before his death he had begun work on a film called Stretch. The actor, who starred in numerous paintings on the martial arts, were listed and other works, and Carradine's friends believe that reason to settle scores with life he never had. Source: Kin of Carradine is asking the FBI on the investigation.


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