Jolie accused pitt of flirting with Natalie Portman

Jolie accused pitt of flirting with Natalie PortmanRecently, there are more negative reports about the life of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie. And, apparently, a reason, perhaps, something still goes wrong.The source reports that the cause of a quarrel ange and brad became a personal request Natalie Portman the actor to play her lover in the new film."Angelina was beside himself with rage. She accused brad of flirting with Natalie, says the source. - Anj just can't get myself over this. And brad, knowing how jealous Angelina continues to Natalie showered with compliments. He tells everyone how cute she is and intelligent woman".Jolie thrilled as ever: it is precisely during the joint work in film began her affair with pitt, and now the situation is very similar to what it was in 2005. It was the only place on Jennifer aniston and Natalie Portman on her own.Maybe offer anj about an open relationship, which we wrote about yesterday, was expressed in anger, to hurt brad? Source: Jolie accused pitt of flirting with Natalie Portman.


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