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Son of Michael J. Fox circumcised

Son of Michael J. Fox circumcisedMichael J. Fox has insisted that their Tracy Pollan son Sam was circumcised immediately after birth (he was born in 1989).In this case, the actor had to endure a lot of verbal fights with his wife: Tracy believed that circumcision is "ritual mutilation". It is worth noting that Michael himself, unlike his wife, is not Jewish.In his memoir Always Looking Up the actor writes:"It was very clear that it needs to be cut. I told Tracy: "If the doctor will do it now... I'll stand, I'll watch Sam in the eye: for him, someone to yell at. But if thirteen years he wants to come Bar Mitzvah (the Jewish ritual of initiation in adults), and not circumcised, then you, my dear, go with him into the operating room!" Source: Son of Michael J. Fox circumcised.


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