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A list of the most annoying stars

A list of the most annoying stars Based on data from E-Poll Market Research, studied more than 3,000 ratings celebrities, American magazine Forbes has compiled a list of stars that flashed too much in the media, but we have made your consisting only of cinema.The leader of the list (see below) tired already 70% of the respondents. For comparison, at the peak of popularity, this index of most stars is 3-7%.Paris Hilton - 70 %. The absolute leader. It could be said without any questions. Actress, singer, and heiress of Hilton hotels. The Americans had the impression that the socialite does not get from the TV screen and in the pages of tabloids. It really can be attributed to the Actresses only with a certain reserve, though she already 19 film credits. The film "beauty and the ugly", where she played the lead role, according to a poll of the most famous film website was recognized as the worst in history. Curious as to who would occupy the first place, this survey took place with us. Ksenia Sobchak?2. Lindsay Lohan - 61% pesky. The bad girl of Hollywood. Drugs in the bathroom of a club, drunk driving - continuous news, hence the frequent appearance in the media. Star Comedy Lohan last year as the worst actress and received a "Razzie" for several nominations for the film "I know who killed me". Now the red-haired wild child trying to get his film career, acting in intelligent Directors like Alfonso Arau ("Dare to love me").3-4. Pamela Anderson - got 51% of the respondents. Old Playboy model is not so much an actress, but rather a cultural phenomenon. Anyone even remembers her role, in addition to the "Baywatch" and the action, which in our hire became curious name "don't call me "baby"?! A large number of scandals, weddings and divorces, helping her to stay afloat. The recent "blonde and Blonde" with her starring suffered a crushing failure to hire.3-4. Nicole Richie - the same 51%. More secular girl than an actress. A Friend Of Paris Hilton. On her account while only a few TV series and countless photos in fashion magazines.5. Mary Kate Olsen - 44%. In rating it significantly higher than its twin sister Ashley (pictured left), because in 2008 was riveted to her too much attention because of her relationship with the late Heath Ledger. Very often she was getting a lot of press after his death. Acted in the popular TV series "Weeds" about addicts in the movie "Frantic".6. Kim Kardashian - 43%. With such a small margin is unknown in our corner of the girl with the Armenian surname. Just as Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton - partier. In the movie until the note role in the movie "Horrible movies".7. Tom Cruise - 39%. 10 years ago he was lubiam girls, and became obsessed with Scientologist, family man and producer. He jumped on the couch on Oprah Winfrey and berated Brooke shields because she takes antidepressants. Indeed, somehow it's too much.8. Ashley Olsen - 37%. Below (actually above) the sisters by rating. In the movie, is not cleared since 2004, and therefore less tired. And what were the pretty girls, what they was promised a brilliant future...9. Jessica Simpson - 36%. Songwriter Britney Spears and pop singer struggles to act in films, but falls only on the covers of magazines. Her recent film "Blonde ambition" failed in Russia.10. Jamie Lynn Spears is 33% unpopularity earned the younger sister of Britney Spears, who plays the main role in TV series "zoey 101". Her path to stardom has reduced the pregnancy rumors circulating in the press at the end of last year. The girl was only 16 years old. The rumor proved false, but in the media it is entrenched. According to the newspaper "Novye Izvestia". Source: a list of the most annoying stars (photos).


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