`Cold` passion Milla Jovovich

`Cold` passion Milla JovovichThe actress of "the Fifth element Milla Jovovich has a passion for collecting knives - she collects weapons to decorate your home.The star of "resident evil" in the childhood liked to play with military toys and not with dolls and her deadly passion remained in adult life. Now she collects dangerous objects and places them for display in her home.Milla says: "I Have a lot of weapons at home. Of course, I rotate knives, sitting at home, but I always knew how to handle weapons. A kid I loved toy ninja warriors, not dolls. I have a couple of cocrico (kukris). These knives are one-handed, a bit like a machete, very cruel tools with a curved blade. They are used for chopping and I love them because they are very versatile. You can just cut the meat or cucumbers or them to kill zombies - and all in one day." Source: "Cold" passion Milla Jovovich.


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