The driver sold the secrets of Elizabeth II

The driver sold the secrets of Elizabeth IIAround the Royal family of great Britain a new scandal erupted. This time in fact was involved, the driver of Elizabeth II.Chauffeur the Queen of great Britain accused that he secretly spent money journalists in the premises of the Palace is closed to visitors.Only a thousand pounds chauffeur of the British Queen have sold the secrets of the life of the court. Reporters posing as businessmen from the Middle East. To enter the 38-year-old native of Trinidad helped his girlfriend.The chauffeur held the journalists by police guarding the service entrance to the grounds of Buckingham Palace, and showed them the Royal limousine and coach. The driver even let "the business" to sit in the car to take a picture of the Queen and in her.Very poor English, he spoke about the shortcomings of the car protection of her Majesty, revealed his code name that is used by intelligence agencies. And at the end of the tour complained about low wages and offered the services of a private driver, transfer "messages.".Scotland Yard was seriously alarmed. Official representatives of the English Royal house and the police Department of London stated that they thoroughly investigate this information, since all the security breaches in Royal residence are perceived very seriously.However, this case is not the first. In 2004 the journalist of one of the editions got a job at Buckingham Palace on forged documents. Another colleague in Peru at the time, carried a fake bomb at a reception on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla in Winterskol Palace. A year earlier, to celebrate the birthday of Prince William easily penetrated comedian, dressed as Osama bin Laden. Source: the Driver sold the secrets of Elizabeth II.

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