Vera Brezhneva forbidden candid shooting

Vera Brezhneva forbidden candid shootingHer husband's jealousy may cost Vera Brezhneva career of the actress. Beauty blonde caught between two fires.On the one hand, Directors are a little tired of her delicate whims and husband billionaire strictly forbidden to appear in explicit scenes.Especially imposed a strict ban on shooting with muscular Alex Chagovim, paired with Faith so successfully played in the film "Love in the big city.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Putin and Medvedev have not walked a hundred world leaders

Putin and Medvedev have not walked a hundred world leadersIn the Time magazine annual list of 100 most influential people in the world includes only one Russian. It was them was forbidden of the Board "Gazprom" Alexander Medvedev. No, Vladimir Putin or Dmitry Medvedev.The rating is divided into five sections: "Leaders and revolutionaries" (among other related U.S. President Barack Obama, Senator Edward Kennedy, the head of the state Department, Hillary Clinton), "Builders and titans" (into this category and hit Medvedev), "cultural Figures and artists" (actors Tom Hanks, Penelope Cruz, and others), "Heroes and icons" (the President's wife Michelle Obama, the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, TV presenter Oprah Winfrey and so on) and "Scientists and thinkers" (a politician from South Africa Barbara Hogan, U.S. energy Secretary Steven Chu and others).Strategist from GazpromIn an accompanying article, written by the head of the Carnegie Moscow Center political analyst Dmitri Trenin, Alexander Medvedev named "link ("Gazprom". -- with the outside world." "A third of the gas consumed in Europe passes through the hands of Medvedev, and 60% of the total income of Gazprom coming from exports (which is headed by Medvedev. Читать полностью -->

Family video Michael Jackson

Family video Michael JacksonIn the beginning of the video Michael has recorded wishes to the Prince: "Prince is for you to learn perseverance and confidence, and the real meaning of success - love.And just so you know - you can reach any goal your heart desires. Everything is in your hands, you can do whatever you want. I love you." Video. Source: Family video Michael Jackson. . . Читать полностью -->

Prince of Denmark spoke in Kurdish

Prince of Denmark spoke in KurdishPrince of Denmark hamlet spoke for the first time in the Kurdish language is one of the oldest in the Indo-European group. This was possible due to hard work Turkish translator Selah of Weiss, ITAR-TASS reported.Turkish publishing house "the Aras yayinevi" published prepared in Kurdish tragedy of William Shakespeare's "hamlet". As he said in an interview with the Turkish newspaper "Yeni Еџafak", "the great work of Shakespeare was very difficult to translate. It took three years. Consultations were held with linguists and philologists of great Britain and Turkey.". . Читать полностью -->

Elizabeth II has replaced the Rolls-Royce Toyota

Elizabeth II has replaced the Rolls-Royce ToyotaBritish Queen Elizabeth II for the first time replaced the Royal car. Now crowned head will not go on the traditional British limousine Rolls-Royce, Japanese, environmentally friendly Toyota Prius.As reports ITAR-TASS citing a source at Buckingham Palace, this unexpected step is due to the concern of Elizabeth II by climate change, as well as the desire to keep up with modern British society that is increasingly concerned with environmental problems. Buckingham Palace has already held a series of consultations with the leadership of the Toyota Corporation on the subject of buying cars. It is expected that Royal auto will have a special modification. In October Toyota Prius will deliver for a demonstration at the Scottish residence of Queen Elizabeth II - Balmoral. then it will be accepted the final decision about the number and price of cars.Traditionally the British Royal family leaves the light on in the luxury limousine Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is the pride of the British car industry. Читать полностью -->

Wedding Gisele Bundchen almost ended in a tragedy

Wedding Gisele Bundchen almost ended in a tragedyTragedy nearly ended wedding ceremony supermodel Gisele Bundchen and football player Tom Brady's passing in his home town of the bride Santa Teresa.Encroachment on the privacy of a closed ceremony almost cost the photographers life, after protection of the star couple opened fire on paparazzi.Second wedding, we had 25 closest pair of people, followed 5 weeks later, modest wedding in Santa Monica, California. Reportedly, during the ceremony, two photographers drove the car to the place of the event and began to take pictures. The guard, noticing the unauthorized filming, began to crumble in the pleasantries and immediately opened fire on the intruders.According to the paparazzi, who hastened to disappear from the scene, one of the guards released the bullets broke the glass of the car and flew between their heads, barely missing any of them. "The bullet went between us without hitting their heads. If she flew a little to the right or to the left, one of us would be dead," said one of the photographers.The deal about the exclusive placement of your photos with a wedding ceremony model and footballer was signed with one of the famous Brazilian edition, but made illegal shots still hit the Internet, where instantly spread around the world. They can see Giselle in an elegant wedding dress to the floor with a 3-meter-long veil, holding a bouquet of white orchids.Noted that Gisele Bundchen, the highest paid top model in the world, and the player American football club New England Patriots Tom Brady started Dating in December 2006. Читать полностью -->

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