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A Polish priest wrote `the Kama Sutra` for Catholics

A Polish priest wrote `the Kama Sutra` for CatholicsIn Poland, became a bestseller the book of the priest, dubbed the "Catholic Kama Sutra", writes Maeve Kennedy on the pages of The Guardian.On the cover written in large font: "Sex", and below is a rather small letters - "for God-loving couples". The author is the father ksawery knotz from the Franciscan monastery near Krakow."Any exciting act is permissible and acceptable to the Lord. In an intimate relationship the couple can Express their love in all ways, to stimulate the genitals with her hands and mouth," writes Knotz.The book has blessed Polish Catholic Church - it largely holds to the Orthodox line: the author emphasizes that only appeals to a legitimate spouses and strongly recommends not to use contraception the prevention of conception can lead spouses from Catholic culture. Knotz says that his knowledge is extensive, although derived from the experience of others, as he himself observes the vow of celibacy.Publishers are already talking about publishing books in Slovak, Ukrainian and English languages, adds the journalist. Source: Polish priest wrote "Kama Sutra" for Catholics. . Читать полностью -->

Steve Tyler fell from the stage during a concert

Steve Tyler fell from the stage during a concert Lead singer of Aerosmith Steven Tyler hospitalized after fall from stage during a concert held in North Dakota.Tyler performed the song `Love In an Elevator`, and suddenly stopped working the sound. To take the audience during the forced technical pause, Steve decided to dance. Pereuserdstvoval with acrobatic elements in dance on stage, which was slippery after the rain, 61-year-old singer slipped and fell. But the musician still received well-deserved applause for their dance.The fallen singer from `Aerosmith` hastened to the assistance of the security guards who helped the victim to go backstage. According to the workers of the scene, the singer was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.After a while guitarist Joe Perry came out to the audience and announced that Steven Tyler was taken to hospital, and the concert will be interrupted.According to BBC, musician injured his shoulder and neck, but the hospital staff, in which it was delivered, refused to give any comments about the state of health of Steven Tyler. We only know that the singer was in good spirits and joked with the doctors.His daughter, actress MIA Tyler, later told fans: "Just got news that my dad is feeling well. Читать полностью -->

Jolie dreams of an affair

Jolie dreams of an affairThe magazine Now Magazine in its new issue reports that Angelina Jolie dreams about having sex with other men. How to perceive it? It sounds like another scandalous story.According to the magazine, ange, allegedly, asked brad if he would like to open relations. The proof is the following statement a source from the environment of the spouses: "Jolie has never adhered to traditional views, especially in regard to love relationships. And it is this trait of hers had called brad".Next Now Magazine claims that Angelina is tired of the relationship with only one man and wants diversity, and told her husband.The magazine's source adds, "Angelina confessed his desire to brad during one of the fights of the couple. She stated that she is tired of their family life and deserved freedom. Ange added that he doesn't mind if both of them will be someone on the side. Читать полностью -->

Steve jobs was transplanted liver

Steve jobs was transplanted liverApple's CEO Steve jobs underwent liver transplant surgery, AFP reports citing The Wall Street Journal. How did you find the publication, jobs received a liver transplant two months ago, and now he is undergoing rehabilitation after surgery.Jobs, writes The Wall Street Journal, successfully recovering from a liver transplant and hopes soon to return to work. "Steve still expects to return to us at the end of June. To this nothing more to add," - said Apple spokeswoman Katie cotton (Katie Cotton).Another Apple employee, who wishes to keep his identity a secret, told The Wall Street Journal that doctors can recommend jobs "the first month or two to work part time". In his opinion, this situation can lead to increased influence on policy the company's chief operating officer Tim cook (Tim Cook). In the near future, according to the interlocutor of the edition, cook will be introduced in the composition of the Board of Directors of the company.In 2003 Steve jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which successfully operated on in 2004. Читать полностью -->

Album coronation of Elizabeth I sold for $100 thousand

Album coronation of Elizabeth I sold for $100 thousandThe coronation album of the Russian Empress Elizabeth I (Petrovna) on Friday, June 12, was sold at auction by Christie's for 98.5 thousand dollars - almost three times as much of the preliminary assessment, reported on the website of the auction house.The book entitled "Detailed description of the solemn orders of magnitude blagopoluchia vestia in the reigning city of Moscow and the sacred coronation of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna" contains 49 engravings, executed by Gregory Katchalov and Ivan Sokolov, and is considered one of the most luxurious Russian editions of XVIII - XIX centuries.The album was first published in 1744 edition of 600 copies; it was subsequently published 950 copies. Auctioned the album was part of the collection of Paul and Marianne gurari. The entire auction brought in approximately $ 3.5 million.Elizabeth I, daughter of Peter I and Catherine I, came to power in December 1741 in a Palace coup. The celebrations of the accession of the Empress to the throne lasted almost two months and have been partially captured by the engravers in coronation album. Source: album Coronation of Elizabeth I sold for $100 thousand. . Читать полностью -->

Svetikova face criminal responsibility

Svetikova face criminal responsibilitySinger Svetlana Svetikova recently detained by the police for the performance of the musical "Notre-Dame de Paris" without proper permission from the copyright holders.In addition to Svetikova criminal responsibility under article 146 of the criminal code "Violation of copyright and related rights" threatens several artists, known for her involvement in the sensational musical: Theon Dolnikova, Alexander Marakulin, Alexander Sekiryu and others. The article, in which musicians were detained, prescribes punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to six years.All rights for "Notre Dame" belongs to no one Frenchman Charles Talar. The license term on the Russian version is expired in 2004, writes "Express newspaper".According to the producer of the original Russian version of the musical, artists knew what show this show, but everyone explained what was supposedly their Manager agreed with the French.Talar, knowing that in Russia, the musicians go on tours with his "Notre Dame", asked the Russian Prosecutor's office, after which all actors, including Svetlana Svetikova, were caught red-handed during the regular pirate show in Tula. After notice and a detailed explanation of copyright law and possible penalties artists decided to continue to tour and went to the Voronezh and Bryansk. When they saw the police, we finally realized the gravity of the situation and refused the planned performances in Kursk and Tyumen.As we know, Svetlana Svetikova began to play in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris when she was 17 years old. In 2003 she was ranked fourth on "star Factory-3", and after he participated in the project "Last hero", which was the third. Читать полностью -->

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