Lindsay Lohan tried to return to his beloved

Lindsay Lohan tried to return to his belovedIn the evening when it shows Ellen DeGeneres on air Samantha Ronson met Lindsay in their house where they had lived together, and spent six hours alone in conversations.It was after this meeting Samantha changed her status in Facebook to "it's complicated".It is unknown what really decided the girls, but on Saturday Lindsay flew from Los Angeles, saw her at the airport, and Samantha, along with her half-sister was spotted in new York. Source: Lindsay Lohan tried to return to his beloved. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Glyukoza first stripped for a men's magazine

Glyukoza first stripped for a men's magazine This is the first candid photo shoot of the singer, which in the world know how Natasha Ionova Chistyakov. Men's magazines for several years begged her to undress for the cover, but Natasha was against.And only after the birth of a daughter Glitch-'oza decided on a shoot for the April issue of MAXIM magazine.- I felt more confident, " says Natasha. - I somehow do a similar photo shoot was skeptical about. And said, "Oh! Yeah me to..." But never say "never"! After the baby is born so I felt confident in myself, in my body, I finally decided! Last but not least, I agreed to participate in this project to support young mothers. I wanted the photo shoot to say: if you had a child, it doesn't mean your life is over! Just watch yourself and be beautiful and desirable woman. I also had depression after giving birth, but I coped with it.As we found out, the husband of the actress, businessman Alexander Chistyakov, showed no particular disapproval of the fact that his wife will actually appear naked in a men's magazine. Читать полностью -->

Michelle Obama will draw a comic

Michelle Obama will draw a comicOne of the major American publishers launches a comic series, "based on real events" called "Female force". One of the heroines of the comic will be U.S. first lady Michelle Obama.Publishers define the new genre of comics as "fictional". On the shelves of the book will be available in late April. The plot of the drafters put the fate of the 45-year-old Michelle, which political analysts called hardly the main driving force of the victorious campaign of the first black US President."Mother, political activist, and now the wife of 44th U.S. President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, clearly, she's lived a life that many only dreamed of. Читать полностью -->

Intimate secrets Robert Pattinson

Intimate secrets Robert PattinsonNow Robert Pattinson will have to learn a few new techniques for Dating girls.His colleague at the filming of the acclaimed vampire film and its sequel, " Lutz, revealed the secrets of the actor, who help him to get acquainted with the fair sex.Lutz was invited leading Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, where he told how Robert Pattinson "catchy" girls."His accent and crazy hairstyle lead girls real ecstasy - shared," with the lead. - Rob a little shy. And there's something he does when he's really shy or when someone catches him off guard by the unexpected question. At such moments, he lowers his head, and the girls just melt with joy.". . . Читать полностью -->

Today is the birthday of the great comedian

Today is the birthday of the great comedian120 years ago was born the great comedian of the twentieth century, Charlie Chaplin. He was born April 16, 1889 in London at eight o'clock, on street East-lane, in the area of Walworth.No in world cinema another actor, whose fame would have been as great and long lasting. Almost half a century appeared Charlie Chaplin on the screen, causing the admiration of audiences and critics. During this time ascended and went out the thousands of other stars, but he continued to be a crowd pleaser. "I admired recklessness and romance, was a dreamer and a hypochondriac, cursed life and loved her. Life is a tragedy when you see her close up and Comedy, when you look at her from afar," wrote the great comedian in his memoirs.He came from the midst of the people, in the childhood knowing all the weight of a half-starved existence. Читать полностью -->

David Carradine hung himself in the toilet at

David Carradine hung himself in the toilet atThe star of the movie "Kill bill" David Carradine was found dead in a hotel in Bangkok. Thai police said 72-year-old actor hanged himself in the bathroom of their room.In Thailand the Carradine led the shooting of his new film. On Wednesday, the third of June, the actor was together with other participants of the shooting process to get out to dinner at a restaurant on Sathorn road, but at the appointed time he appeared. Colleagues of David are unable to reach him and decided that in view of his age, he simply decided to relax in the room.However, as it turned out, in room 352 at the Park Nai Lert on Wireless road the tragedy occurred. The maid, entering the room at ten in the morning of the next day, he found the actor naked in the bathroom. By this time David Carradine was dead, reports Thai newspaper the Nation.During a police investigation revealed that the actor hanged himself on the cord from the curtains. Читать полностью -->

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