From Scarlett Johansson's `Best of the bust of Hollywood`

From Scarlett Johansson's `Best of the bust of Hollywood`In the nomination "the Best bust of Hollywood" leading 24-year-old beauty Scarlett Johansson.The actress walked even a mouth-watering star like Halle berry, who received second place. The survey was conducted among residents of the US TV show Access Hollywood.However, gorgeous Breasts Scarlett admire not only the fans of the actress, but her colleagues on the court."Don't believe it, but I always want to touch Scarlett's Breasts - she she's just beautiful," said the actress Natalie Portman, reports third place among the contenders for "Best of the bust of Hollywood" won the actress Salma Hayek, fourth went to the singer Jessica Simpson, and the fifth took Jennifer Love Hewitt. Source: Scarlett Johansson "the Best bust of Hollywood"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Muscovites took leave silently Jankowski

Muscovites took leave silently JankowskiA terrible loss, the death of Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky, was a personal grief to everyone who liked this artist, those who will carry through life the memories of his great talent.Hundreds, thousands of people lined up today in the long queue to the Scene, where until the last days of the national actor played their roles. Correspondent Days.Roux said goodbye to Oleg Yankovsky, together with all who can't imagine being without him Russian cinema and theatre.One of the oldest main streets of Moscow, Malaya Dmitrovka, was blocked. On both sides of the roadway, which carried the coffin with a resting body genius left us, silently, and for the most part, silently, were people. Surrounded by sunlit old houses, dark mass mourning crowds two bold strokes of oil paint outlined Dmitrovka from first home almost to the Garden ring.Polite law enforcement officials gently restrained for the most part intelligent, gentle audience, once with a sinking heart, waiting for the release of Yankovsky on stage. With timidity and reverence were the people up the stone stairs of life. From wherever you wanted all who came to say goodbye to Oleg Ivanovich, " with the scene - came the quiet music from the movies, which played this great master - "My sweet and tender beast" by Emil Loteanu, "Ordinary miracle" by Mark Zakharov.Going past the portraits left this world of talented actors and Directors - Alexander Abdulov, Anatoly Efros, Yevgeny Leonov, past the cameras and lenses of the cameras and the weeping colleagues and comrades Yankovsky - Irina Miroshnichenko, Victor Matizen, Igor Nikolaev - admirers of the actor fell into a small auditorium. Читать полностью -->

The maniac threatens the life of Britney Spears

The maniac threatens the life of Britney SpearsTour Britney Spears was in jeopardy. Recently the singer has received death threats. The Look magazine writes: "Britney has received several death threats from anonymous people on the phone and email.Her biggest fear is the loss of children. She hopes that this will not come up. Now she constantly has nightmares, and in the night she wakes up crying sons. Now she is very concerned that her fears were just paranoically". Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson skin cancer is discovered

Michael Jackson skin cancer is discoveredThe doctors diagnosed the famous singer Michael Jackson skin cancer, wrote on Saturday by the British newspaper the Sun citing a source close to the singer surrounded by.It is reported that a disappointing diagnosis 50-year-old "king of pop" was staged a few weeks ago. However, the doctors assured that the disease is curable. It is known that during the medical examination cancerous spots were found on the upper body of Jackson. Also doctors found pre-cancerous" cells on his face."Tests showed the cancer spots on the skin of his body and cells that may turn into skin cancer on his face. At first he was concerned, but the doctors assured him that can cure the disease," reported the newspaper source.Despite his illness, Jackson will join 50 of the show, the tickets are already sold out, including a concert in London in July.It was originally planned that the singer will give in the British capital ten concerts in July of this year. But then due to unprecedented demand, it was decided to organise another 40 concerts until the end of February 2010.It is expected that the last performance of the "king of pop" in the British capital will see about a million viewers.The last time Michael Jackson acted with full concerts in London 12 years ago. Читать полностью -->

`Kinotavr` first opened without Yankovsky

`Kinotavr` first opened without Yankovsky7 June in Sochi was announced the opening of the jubilee, 20th Open Russian film festival "Kinotavr", initiated by Oleg Jankowski along with mark Rubinsteina in 1989, the year.How was the festival without Oleg Ivanovich, learned Days.Roux, who visited the opening ceremony of "Kinotavr" in the Winter theatre."Despite the talk of economic circumstances, frankly, already entrenched in the liver, "Kinotavr" held", - concluded producer and concurrently Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the festival Alexander Rodnyansky. He, together with the General producer of the festival Igor Tolstunov, appeared on the stage of the Winter theatre to hand Mark rudenstein, the father-founder of "Kinotavr", the honorary prize. "Five years after the first "Kinotavr", seeing your name next to "outstanding", I realized that a sense of humor, the festival has not changed," commented Rudinshtejn Eulogy Tolstunov and Rodnyansky.Not changed a festival and tact. The emptiness after the death of Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky, has spread, it seems, on the whole, Russian cinema during the hours that lasted the opening ceremony, the footage on the screens behind the actors and the words of the speakers talked about the pain and the shock that was experienced Amateurs Yankovsky. Mark G. started a nice deal of "Kinotavr" twenty years ago with him, and this year for the first time welcomed the auditorium alone.Interrupt the speakers ' speech kaleidoscope films of the Yes performance of "Chaif" and Miriam Sehon. Читать полностью -->

Naomi Campbell has brought to Moscow the mother

Naomi Campbell has brought to Moscow the mother38-year-old Naomi Campbell first appeared on a Moscow runway. Tanned legs famous fashion models walked the carpet famous Barvikha for charitable purposes, as part of the show, organized by Fund Chulpan Khamatova.The showRussified supermodel seriously engaged in philanthropy. Changing Albion on chilly spring Moscow, Naomi came to the podium with good intentions. The screening was held in aid of the Foundation for children with leukemia and cancer. But, in addition to charitable purposes, "the black Panther", it turns out, chased other: instructive. Russian models received an invaluable lesson - how to walk properly down the runway.The bridegroom of the beautiful, the oligarch Vladislav Doronin was sitting with her mother Naomi, who's 60 years old looks like a friend of the controversial model. Читать полностью -->

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