Died 12-year-old grandson of the President of Egypt

Died 12-year-old grandson of the President of EgyptTuesday in Egypt was delivered the body of 12-year-old Mohammed Mubarak - grandson of President Hosni Mubarak. The child died suddenly in Paris, where he lived with his grandmother.The office of the President of Egypt does not indicate an official cause of death of the boy. According to preliminary data, the child could die of a brain aneurysm, childhood leukemia or food poisoning, reports MIGnews.The father of Mohammed Mubarak is a 47-year-old son of the President of doing business. Recently, however, the boy was in Paris under the care of his grandmother - the wife of the Egyptian leader Suzanne Mubarak. The office of the President of Egypt explained that the child was sent to the French capital for "urgent treatment". The administration of the head of state also indicated that "the crisis in the health of Mubarak came two days ago", transfer "messages.".Egyptian TV broadcasts religious songs performed by children, which also indicates the death of a person related to the governing circles of the country, notes "Interfax". Читать полностью -->

Dead Irish writer Frank McCourt

Dead Irish writer Frank McCourtIn new York at the age of 78 years died Irish writer Frank McCourt, who is famous autobiographical novel "Angela's Ashes", which was awarded the Pulitzer prize in literature.It is reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to the newspaper The New York Times.According to the brother of the writer, McCourt died from cancer. The last two weeks he suffered from severe meningitis, from which the state of the writer deteriorated even more.McCourt wrote many works, however, widely known just work "Angela's Ashes", which in 1999 was shot the same film. Source: Dead Irish writer Frank McCourt. . . . Читать полностью -->

Obama had prepared a room with a piano

Obama had prepared a room with a pianoThe Ritz-Carlton on Tverskaya street, where, as expected, will stop President Barack Obama accepted the raised security measures.As previously said, in the hotel, July 5-8 rooms of the hotel are closed for booking, and if Barack Obama will stop in this hotel, he will be given a five-room Suite features floor to ceiling Windows and views of the Kremlin."The presidential Suite at the Ritz-Carlton is a five rooms. Size of the apartment almost 250 square meters. In the room of the window height from floor to ceiling, overlooking the Kremlin, Red square, St. Basil's Cathedral and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior", - reported in Department of hotel reservation.The room is furnished in the Empire style. "There's a spacious living room with Grand piano, dining room, office with library and a room for negotiations," he added. The bathroom in the presidential Suite marble bathroom, there is also a separate bathroom with rain shower. Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson died from an overdose of painkillers

Michael Jackson died from an overdose of painkillersMichael Jackson stopped breathing after the injection of the anesthetic drug, reports on Friday, British tabloid the Sun with reference to a source in the emergency Department of the medical center of the University of California in Los Angeles.As told in the surrounding pop singer, after injection of demerol Jackson began labored breathing, he was breathing slower and slower until he stopped breathing altogether. Is close personal physician tried to give him CPR and called the ambulance. Paramedics arrived eight minutes and began resuscitation.The doctors tried to start a patient's heart on the way to the hospital, but to no avail. As reported, the call to the address of Michael Jackson was admitted to the emergency service at 12:22 local time, and death was pronounced by the doctors of the medical center at 14:26 (1:26 Friday (Moscow). The preliminary cause was cardiac arrest.Meanwhile, the family's lawyer Brian Jackson Oxman (Brian Oxman) told Agence France-Presse that he always had to take powerful drugs to be in shape before a series of London concerts that were to begin in mid-July. Speaking about the death of the singer, the lawyer noted that it was not a surprise."The people who surrounded him, the whole time he was prompted to take strong medications). Читать полностью -->

Katy Perry wants to settle down and start a family

Katy Perry wants to settle down and start a familyKaty Perry wants to settle down and start a family. About it she told one of the glossy magazines. When Katie said that the relationship with her is quite difficult to build, as it is very "picky".And Perry has admitted that she has a person who can shake her if she suddenly goes "star disease". This is her 26-year-old sister Angela. My sister even has its own room in the house Katie in Hollywood. And also "honorary" duty to Wake Katie. Читать полностью -->

Samantha Ronson found himself a new girl

Samantha Ronson found himself a new girlUnfounded rumors that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson (Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have parted ways, excited American - and not only - the public.Nothing surprising: some twists and turns this couple may not care about, but Sam and Linds so long been in the spotlight, forcing the audience to wonder whether they are together that the message about their break was made in the press about the effect of exploding grenades. That's why every step of Lindsay and Samantha will now be closely monitored by the paparazzi.Less than a week after Lindsay and Samantha broke up - although this question has not been fully elucidated, but Ronson has already appeared in public with another girl, according to the newspaper "Chicago Sun Times". Curious in this story is the fact that this girl could be called an exact copy of Lindsay Lohan, only with darker hair.Recall that the rumors about the breakup of couples went after Lindsay was not allowed to go to a fancy party arranged twin sister Samantha, Charlotte Ronson, on the occasion of the presentation of her new collection of clothing (Charlotte - designer). Lindsay allegedly tried desperately to break into this prestigious event in the Los Angeles club "Marmont", but the way to it was barred by five bouncers, which, again according to rumors, had to defeat Lindsey in the crowd and not to let her into the room.And now the press reports that Samantha Ronson showed up in public with another woman - a kind of double Lindsay. But with dark hair. "They looked very happy and feel each other quite comfortably, if you know what I mean", - told the newspaper some "insider".After that, it becomes clear: Ronson and Lohan will not soon falls out of sight of the public, that would be between them did not occur, and repeatedly will give rise to gossip, gossip and news. Читать полностью -->

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