DiCaprio left his fiancГ©e

DiCaprio left his fiancГ©eAppeared in the past month, the rumors about the breakup of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli were immediately refuted by combining photos of the couple.Now, however, they resumed with renewed vigor, and initiated their Leo himself, who, de, told his fans that he's now the guy is single. It was like this: Leo accompanied by a guard roamed around London, when he was surrounded by a gaggle of groupies. They were lucky to find out the news first. Here is told The London Paper's anonymous source:"There was a lady who wanted to come closer to Leonardo. He even had a special guard to keep away. Leonardo told people that he was definitely alone, but none of the women surrounding him he wasn't interested". Читать полностью -->

The Jackson funeral postponed indefinitely

The Jackson funeral postponed indefinitelyRelatives, most likely, will not bury the body of Michael Jackson, while they will not return to the brain of the singer, told the investigator, the leading cause of the death of the king of pop.The part of the brain died a week and a half ago, singer Michael Jackson is still the investigators, told reporters on Tuesday the Deputy chief coroner (investigator leading the case of a mysterious death) Los Angeles ed winter."As soon as we finish the study of the brain, we will return it to relatives of the deceased. It is necessary to conduct a series neuropathologically tests," said winter.He noted that often the relatives of the dead postpone the funeral until the return of all remains, however, in this case, the Jackson family was not informed of his intentions."As far as I know, they have to bury the body not going," he said.In the press long ago, rumors about the place and date of burial of Michael Jackson. Earlier it was reported that relatives and friends would betray the body of Michael Jackson's earth on the territory of the Neverland ranch, but the laws of the state of California bans the burial of uncremated remains outside of a cemetery.Yesterday, July 7, in Los Angeles held a farewell ceremony with the singer. Fans and journalists believed that the body of the singer will be buried on the same day at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, California. However, a group of journalists and fans who were waiting at the cemetery gates the arrival of the funeral cortege, and saw nothing.Michael Jackson died on June 25 2009 in California at the age of 50 years. The cause of death is still unclear, since the results of two autopsies made body is not yet ready. Читать полностью -->

Robert De Niro could be involved in `Machete`

Robert De Niro could be involved in `Machete`Robert Rodriguez still filmed his own trailer to "Grindhouse and determined cast. In addition to performing the main role Danny Trejo, the film can be busy Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah hill and Robert De Niro.Information was received from the camp Director, from anonymous sources. Filming "Machete" will begin on 29 July. The Director's chair Rodriguez shares with his long-time editor Ethan Manikyam. In the role of Machete - Danny Trejo, which is assumed by the trailer.But then the fun begins. Sources indicate that Michelle Rodriguez will play a kind of Machete in a skirt and call John hill a kind of "Julio" - what will be the role in the movie star "SuperПерцев" is unclear. Читать полностью -->

Wife Iglesias expecting sixth child

Wife Iglesias expecting sixth childWife Spanish musician 65-year-old Julio Iglesias Miranda Rijnsburger again expecting a child. Now Miranda is the fourth month of pregnancy.As we know, Julio already has eight children. From his first marriage to Isabel Preysler of Iglesias three children - a daughter, Chabeli that works on TV in Miami, and two sons, Julio Jose, male model and actor trying to make a career in Hollywood, and Enrique.43-year-old Miranda Rijnsburger, a musician met in 1990, gave Julio Sr., five children: Rodrigo, Miguel, twins Victoria and Cristina and Guillermo, who is now two years, according to the newspaper "Trud". By the way, despite a large family, their relationship officially they issued only in 2008.As noted by Spanish observers, official confirmation of the "interesting situation" can not wait, as a rule, "pregnancy pass for Miranda quietly and leave no traces".Now the couple lives in the Dominican Republic, but in June, the Iglesias family plans to move to Miami or to Malaga, as over the Dominican Republic in the summer followed by storms.By the way, the father of the artist, Julio Iglesias puga, who died in 2005 at 91-year life, I had nine children. Interesting is the fact that the youngest sister 65-year-old Julio Iglesias now only four years.Julio Iglesias is a singer that sings the songs in many languages of the world. He was going to honour the award "Grammy". Читать полностью -->

Robert Pattinson dines with colleagues

Robert Pattinson dines with colleagues Robert Pattinson after the Cannes film festival came to Italy, where he continued to appear in "new moon".The paparazzi were watching artists as they can-thus, one of the beautiful Italian evening with Robert partner Kristen Stewart and friends have safotulafai for dinner at the restaurant "Montepulciano". Source: Robert Pattinson dines with colleagues (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Vatican called the last `Harry Potter` best

The Vatican called the last `Harry Potter` bestThe Vatican newspaper L'osservatore Romano published an article in which the last "Potter" called "today's Best adaptation of the novels by J. To. Rowling".Even teenage love with sticky kisses't confuse Catholic critics - it, he says, gives the film credibility and adds "the right balance". The main advantage of the film, according to film critics in cassocks, "he shows that to win over the forces of evil need to make sacrifices. The price is sometimes high".Yes, we have heard about it. In General this is a very strange story. Читать полностью -->

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