A sharp tongue Ivan Urgant brought him to the scandal

A sharp tongue Ivan Urgant brought him to the scandalSharp tongue TV presenter Ivan Urgant drove him to the scandal with the soloist of group "VIA Gra" Nadezhda Granovskaya.The festive atmosphere of the past on the eve of the concert on the red square was marred by scandal. In the eyes of many spectators, the soloist of group "VIA Gra" Nadezhda Granovskaya insulted leading concert Ivan Urgant. Young man all joked and released from the scene taunts addressed to the celebrities. An unpleasant incident took place immediately after the performance of the group "VIA Gra".The girls walked on stage wearing beautiful long dresses - white, red and black colors. Granovsky was to dress in black, as became a subject of mockery Urgant, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Ivan thought that the dresses the girls had to match the colors of the Russian flag, so leading rebuked Hope in forgetfulness, she allegedly had to dress in dress blue. Читать полностью -->

Folks Carradine is asking the FBI on the investigation

Folks Carradine is asking the FBI on the investigationThe family of American actor David Carradine has asked the FBI to investigate his death, reports the Associated Press.The Carradine's body was found in a hotel in Bangkok on Thursday, June 4. At first it was reported that the actor hanged himself, but then it turned out that Carradine might have died during some experiment of a sexual nature.The lawyer brother of the late actor said that relatives do not believe in suicide of Carradine and concerned about conflicting reports about the circumstances of his death. According to recent reports, the actor was found with a rope tied to his neck, wrist and genitals. "They want the investigation," said lawyer mark Geragos representing Keith Carradine. - I suppose in Bangkok will support the investigation involving the FBI, which will allow us to get answers to your questions".Thai police reported that so far no initiatives, the FBI has not been reported. On Friday, police announced that the 72-year-old actor, who was in Bangkok for the shooting, died from suffocation or a heart attack. Читать полностью -->

Participants `Eurovision 2009` sang in the Netherlands

Participants `Eurovision 2009` sang in the NetherlandsPresentation and concert upcoming in may in Moscow song contest "Eurovision" was held on Saturday and in the night of Sunday in the Netherlands, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.The song contest "Eurovision-2009" will be the 54th account, the semifinals will be held on 12 and 14 may, the final on 16 may. Russia received the right to host the competition after winning the 2008 contest in Belgrade Dima Bilan. This year Russia in the final of the competition will represent the Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko with the song "Mamo", which was written by her producer and composer Konstantin Meladze.First Saturday of singers and musical groups from around 20 countries - participants of the Moscow competition met in the Hague. At the entrance of the New Church next to the town hall they were met by the Deputy mayor Frits Huffnagel (Frits Huffnagel) and members of the Toppers that will represent the Netherlands in Moscow: the singers Jeroen van der boom (Jeroen van der Boom), Rene Froger (Rene Froger) and Gordon (Gordon). Among guests at the Hague contestants - jade (Jade) from UK, Thoraya (Soraya) from Spain, Chiara (Chiara) from Malta, Nelly Ciobanu (Nelly Ciobanu) from Moldova, Johanna (Johanna) from Iceland, Christina Metaxa (Christina Metaxa) from Cyprus, the Irish singer Sinead Mulvey with a group of "black Daisy" (Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy), group Alex Swings Oscar Sings Germany, and others."We are incredibly honored to perform in Moscow, told RIA Novosti Jeroen van der boom. - Knowing that we will represent the Netherlands there, we said to each other: "How fortunate we rolled to go to the contest in this beautiful city". Читать полностью -->

Jennifer garner in the journal `California Style`

Jennifer garner in the journal `California Style` The wife of Ben Affleck in the journal "California Style". September 2009.Source: Jennifer garner in the journal "California Style" (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

A movie about Iron Maiden received the film award

A movie about Iron Maiden received the film awardThe film Iron Maiden: Flight 666", telling about a concert tour by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, has won an award SXSW film festival, held in Austin, Texas, reports Blabbermouth.Film event is part of a large-scale music festival South by Southwest.The tape was awarded the prize "24 Beats Per Second" ("24 beat per second) as the best music documentary. In the film, which became the first feature-length film in the history of Iron Maiden, captured first, the American part of the band's world tour "Somewhere Back In Time" in support of the same hits collection, held in February-March 2008. Then 45 days the team gave 23 concert, performing in front of 500 thousands of fans. Later as part of a tour Iron Maiden played in Russia.Among other things in the movie, you can watch Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, a licensed pilot, at the controls of a personal airplane group of the Boeing 747.The premiere of the film "Iron Maiden: Flight 666" will be held April 21. On this day, called "Iron Maiden Day" will be simultaneous screenings of the film in cinemas around the world. Only after that the picture will be available on DVD. Читать полностью -->

Picasso topped the rating of the top 200 artists of the world

Picasso topped the rating of the top 200 artists of the worldThe British newspaper the Times ranked top 200 artists who lived in the period from the beginning of XX century to our days.Edition four months ago, asked its readers to vote for the most famous artists of this time. For different artists were filed with 1.4 million votes.As a result first place with 21587 votes, took the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. The last line of the rating is occupied contemporary Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. Second place was given to the French impressionist Paul Cezanne, third readers chose the founder of the Austrian art Nouveau painting by Gustav Klimt.In the top ten also included two French impressionist Claude Monet and Henri Matisse, Marcel Duchamp, famous, including his controversial installation with urinal, American artist Jackson Pollock.Completing the top ten legend of pop art Andy Warhol, the representative of abstract expressionism, Willem de Kooning and renowned modernist Piet Mondrian.According to the newspaper, at first glance, the results of this survey may seem quite predictable, however you can discover some oddities. For example, what makes a contemporary artist Martin Kippenberger, whose paintings, in particular, represented in the Saatchi Gallery, in the twenty great?According to observers of the newspaper, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo does not deserve such a high place, like the 19th, in this representative company - after all, even the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch famous painting "the Scream" is only 46th place.Even if we assume that Kahlo noted due to the fact that her paintings Express the feminine essence, seems strange that Louise Bourgeois with the impact that had on future generations of her work was only 70.According to the newspaper, the best of British artists in the rating - Francis bacon - only 12-th, 30-th place is super popular in the UK Lucien Freud. Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst took 52nd and 53rd place respectively.Russian artists in the rating included Wassily Kandinsky (15th place), the Creator of "Black square" Kazimir Malevich (17th place). Читать полностью -->

Sister Jackson was sure that her brother was killed

Sister Jackson was sure that her brother was killedSister of the deceased king of pop Michael Jackson's 53-year-old La Toya Jackson is convinced that her brother who was killed, writes the British tabloid Mail on Sunday."I believe Michael was murdered, I felt it from the start. Did not one person, it was a conspiracy," said La Toya in an interview.According to her, the singer was "very quiet, soft, loving person" he knew and actively used by many "is not part of the intimate circle, but strived to get there" people."Michael was worth much more than a billion dollars. But when someone is so much around him will always be people hungry for money," she said.Her assumption about the murder of his brother and indirectly confirmed the results of the second autopsy singer received on Friday, July 10. Pathologists discovered four new scar on his neck Jackson.La Toya was the closest to Michael, and it was she who insisted that a re-opening of the body of the singer.Recall, Michael Jackson died on June 25 2009 in California at the age of 50 years. Tuesday, July 7, in Los Angeles held a farewell ceremony with the singer. According to the research company Nielsen Media Research, a farewell ceremony was watched by around 31 million viewers. Читать полностью -->

Sean Penn divorced after 13 years of marriage

Sean Penn divorced after 13 years of marriageSean Penn the second time I filed for divorce from his wife actress Robin Wright Warren, in marriage, with whom he has lived for 13 years.Initially, the actor filed for divorce in 2007, saying at the time he had an affair with model Petra Nemcova. After three days itself Robin wrote the same paper, and in April 2008, both motions were denied.It became known that the wife of the Foam was mad at her husband for what he did not mention in her speech during the awarding him an Oscar for the film "Harvey milk". "I just wanted to focus on the professional team around this movie," he justified.Shawn Pen cites irreconcilable differences in the family and asks for joint custody of their two children - 18-year-old daughter Dylan Frances and 15-year-old son Hopper Jack, reports the Daily Mail.Sean and Robin met in 1990-m to year on the set of the film "State of redemption." Penn then after four years of marriage, divorced with singer Madonna. They appeared in several films together, including "She is beautiful" and "Dash". Registered their marriage the couple only in 1996, by which time they already had two children.This is the second loudest Hollywood divorce last month. Recall that only three weeks ago, the wife of the famous American actor Mel Gibson after 28 years of marriage, filed for divorce. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton became a member of another scandal

Paris Hilton became a member of another scandalParis Hilton never ceases to amaze. During another noisy party on a visit to the heiress of a hotel chain the police had come, summoned by disgruntled neighbours.After that, according to eyewitnesses, the fun is in the mansion died down a bit, but in the morning, all waiting for the big surprise.Several neighbor's parked car, including two Bentley, Maserati and two Bugatti Veyron, someone threw eggs. Owners of expensive cars immediately Orient, accusing the beauty of Paris and its noisy guests in the vandalism, reports Glamurchik.com.In response to this socialite indignantly stated that her Bentley also suffered at the hands of unknown, besides the house is absolutely empty fridge and eggs he has never been there. Source: Paris Hilton became a member of another scandal. . . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow will present the awards `Soul of dance`

In Moscow will present the awards `Soul of dance`On the evening of 28 April in Moscow will be held the ceremony of awarding the laureates of the prize "Soul of dance". The new owners of awards of the magazine "Ballet" will be honored at the musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.The award is dedicated to the International dance day, which is celebrated on April 29, reports TV channel "Culture".In the category "Star" awards awarded with Denis Matvienko, a leading soloist of the Mariinsky theatre. The title "Rising star" will receive Ekaterina Krysanova (the Bolshoi theatre) and Vladimir Shklyarov (Mariinsky theatre). Ludmila Semenyaka (the Bolshoi theatre) and Alla Osipenko (Mikhailovsky theatre) will be the "dance Masters". In teaching the "Teacher" prizes are also divided between the two capitals: gets Ludmila Kovaleva (Academy named after Vaganova, St. Petersburg, Russia) and Evgeny Walakin (RATI-GITIS, Moscow). Читать полностью -->

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