In Russia awarded the Gorky literary prize

In Russia awarded the Gorky literary prizeAt the Centre of development of the Russian language in Moscow announced the winners of the IV Gorky literary prize. As reports RIA Novosti, in the main nomination "Foma Gordeev" for the best fiction - defeated Vladimir Orlov.Eagles, best known for the novel "the Violist Danilov (1981), received the award for his book "Kamergersky lane" (2008).In poetry the category "do Not scold you my Muse..." defeated Konstantin Vanshenkin with a collection of "Whisper" (2008). In the category "Russia" (historical essays and studies) prize went to Aleksandr VAS'kin ("From Volkhonka to Znamenka").The victory in the nomination "My universities" ("for high professionalism and selfless service des lettres") went to Valentin Kurbatov, and in the section "Untimely thoughts" (journalism) award was awarded to Alisa Ganieva.As noted by RIA Novosti, the winners separately greeted Lyudmila Putin. Also at the event were the honorary Chairman of the jury of the Gorky prize Nikita Mikhalkov.Chairman of the jury of the prize - Sergey Yesin, the rector of the literary Institute named after Gorky. Also the jury is composed literary critic Lev Skvortsov, novelist and literary critic Mikhail Popov, member of the Board of the development Centre of the Russian language Nikolay tyuterev and writer Alexey Varlamov.Gorky the award was established in 2005, the Russian cultural Foundation and the publishing house "Literary studies". In 2008, the composition of its founders became the Center of development of the Russian language. Читать полностью -->

Demi Moore is ready to change his surname

Demi Moore is ready to change his surnameIf you believe the gossip, demi Moore is finally Mature enough to officially become demi Kutcher.Previously, according to British newspaper the People, the actress found the change of name the right choice. Well, it's clear: she did not become a demi Willis, preferring to save the name of the first husband. Now it's, like, "feels ready". How Ashton convinced her?" We have no idea, but in a recent interview with Parade spouse demi spoke about their marriage as follows:"The trick is to get close to people whom you admire. Why I married my wife. Locked in a room the brightest light. Читать полностью -->

An argument with a loved brought Karaseva to suicide

An argument with a loved brought Karaseva to suicideTori tried to settle scores with life, tired of fighting for the attention of the spouse.Difficult relationship with her own husband broke the nervous system of star "Houses-2".Perhaps the idea to part with life, tori came right after endless quarrels with loved ones.Mystery illness a 29 year old Victoria Karaseva, for the life which is the second month of struggling doctors forced her fans to shudder. To believe that the story of the pizza was a legend and is actually the star of the TV show tried to commit suicide, it's hard. But, according to residents "Homes" were prerequisites.The participants of the reality show told the "Your DAY" that Tory with Glory fought for months in a row. Victoria, according to them, didn't like that Dvorackova it paid too little attention.- He could go to sleep and instead drink tea, say friends of the couple. - Slava truth: he left because he had a headache, but my wife doesn't care about his health, her entertainment concern.- Me trying to catch some treason, " said Dvorackova. - Theoretically I can change, but until the desire arose. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton ready for marriage

Paris Hilton ready for marriageRumors that Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhart, perhaps get married, go long. However, now there was an assumption that this will happen this summer. The source of information are friends of the couple.According to rumors, Paris has already started planning the wedding and wants it to be very extravagant. Lovers are considering the option to hold the ceremony in August in the Bahamas, where they recently vacationed. Source: Paris Hilton ready for marriage. . Читать полностью -->

Irina Dubtsova married 47-year-old businessman

Irina Dubtsova married 47-year-old businessmanWayward singer Irina Dubtsova, which is a year and a half ago left her husband, the lead singer of the band Plazma Novel Chernitsyn, is getting married again.The irony of fate, not otherwise: in the day when she will go to the Registrar with a 47-year-old owner of dental clinics Tigran, her ex-husband will lead down the aisle her new friend and singer Diana Eunice.- The wedding - the logical end of our long relationships - admitted L! Irina. - I found your love! Age Tigran does not scare me, because of love for all ages.RelationshipAssigning a second wedding date in my life, and Dubtsova, Chernitsyn and do not hide that I succumbed to the fashionable star trend: to create a family in the "trendy" date. Both the ceremony will take place 9.09.09.- I'm going to go down the aisle September 9. I think this is a very beautiful combination of numbers to 999. Some say that this number, if it is flipped means the number of the devil is 666, but I don't believe its negative impact, - said Irina. - By the way, I want to give Tigran the baby, but when it happens, I don't know. Читать полностью -->

`The master and Margarita` will be a symphonic Opera

`The master and Margarita` will be a symphonic OperaIn Moscow there are several stage productions of the novel Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita".The Moscow children's theater stage prepared for the audience something special - symphonic-Opera based on this work, the music he wrote himself Andrew Webber, Creator of the rock Opera "Jesus Christ superstar". Days.Roo knew the details of the upcoming show at the sponsors.According to Valentin Ovsyannikov, head of MDTA and the author of symphonic Opera based on the novel by Bulgakov, it dragged on for 25 years. During this time several changes of details, the artists, the ideas, the songs - but the main remained only one thing: the creation of the project, which could become an event not in the world of show business, but a cultural event. Today to the last letter written the libretto, Alexander saganaw finished lyrical aspect of the songs, props, and Andrew Lloyd Weber specially distracted from writing music for the second phantom of the Opera to join the team Ovsyannikov.It remained for the choice of artists: casting will be held in the near future - 5, 6 and 7 June and, as said Ovsyannikov, will have a priority of graduates of the Moscow children's theater stage. I understood that this was Elizabeth Rodnyansky, not the fearful common acting of superstition consisting in the fact that participation in a production of "the Master and Margarita" promises nothing good artist - as Elizabeth admitted.Roux, for it is of paramount importance to the performance itself and not the signs associated with it.However, the work of Mikhail Bulgakov reach viewers symphonic Opera not completely: Ovsyannikov found it necessary to bring to the fore the love line of the Master and Margarita, the same chapters that describe the life of Yeshua Ha-Notsri in Jerusalem transformed into a raving insane Wizard. Because of this permutation accents Ovsyannikov called "Master and Margarita" Opera-fantasy. Читать полностью -->


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