In Vyborg open `Window to Europe`

In Vyborg open `Window to Europe`This year in the feature films competition "Fall premiere" presents 13 films, many of which can be rolled up to the end of the year.According to the President of the Vyborg festival Armen Medvedev, it's more than sometimes, even in non-crisis years. He noted that among the presented works many debuts, and there are movies and famous Directors, including "I Believe" by Lidia Bobrova, "the Soundtrack of passion" by Nikolai Lebedev and others.To evaluate the films "Fall Premier" the jury will be headed by famous film Director Alexei German Jr., who last won the Berlinale Silver bear for best Director.In the competition "Non-fiction" will feature 20 paintings. The judging in this category will be headed by Lev Nikolaev - known writer, broadcaster, author of 120 scientific and documentary films.In the section "Animation" - 14 works. They will be evaluated professionals led by artist Sergei Alimov.In addition, the festival will be held the contest "the Vyborg account" that has become his hallmark and an important feature of the forum "Window to Europe". In the jury of "the Vyborg account" includes all participants, guests and spectators who fill out questionnaires, exposing certain points to each film.Also within kinapharma will celebrate the anniversaries of the famous film "White sun of the desert" by Vladimir Motyl (40th anniversary) and "Parade of planets" Vadim Abdrashitov (25th anniversary).Their participation in the festival confirmed many of the stars of Russian cinema. In Vyborg you Sergey Garmash, Boris Grachevsky Mikhail Efremov, Alexey Zharkov, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alexander Lazarev, Viktor Rakov, Serge Shakurov, Valeria Garkalin, Sergey Nikonenko, Nikolai Godovikov, Anna Mikhalkov, Larisa Malevannaya, Alena Azure, Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, Svetlana Toma and many others.On the guest list and the popular favorite Freindlikh Freundlich. Читать полностью -->

Sobchak has decided to publicly seduce Bondarchuk

Sobchak has decided to publicly seduce BondarchukScandalous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak once again surprised by his behavior all fair show-BIZ the brethren. On one of the events she threw herself on the neck of a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk.Ksenia something gently whispered in his ear, and then the whole evening was sent a lovely smile in his direction.Really loomed on the horizon a new star novel? Or is she so desperate to get into a great movie, for what it all means? Source: Sobchak decided to publicly seduce Bondarchuk. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Bolshoi theatre will be forgiven with Maximova

The Bolshoi theatre will be forgiven with MaximovaFarewell to the celebrated Russian ballerina Ekaterina Maximova, who died Tuesday in Moscow, scheduled for Thursday.The ceremony will be held in the atrium of the Bolshoi theatre. According to preliminary information, the cause of death was heart failure. The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the family of a ballerina."Civil funeral on Ekaterina Maximova will take place on 30 April at 10.00 a.m. in the atrium of the Bolshoi theatre," - said the press attache of the theatre Ekaterina Novikova. She noted that the question of the burial place of the ballerina will solve her husband and stage partner Vladimir Vasiliev, reports RIA "Novosti".Recall that Ekaterina Maximova died in the 71st year of life. Found her 94 year old mother. Читать полностью -->

Anzhelika Varum dispelled the rumor of pregnancy

Anzhelika Varum dispelled the rumor of pregnancySinger Angelica Varum, wife of Leonid Agutin, told the truth about her second pregnancy.We will remind that recently in the media it was reported that Leonid Agutin told my friends about the imminent addition to the family. Though his 39-year-old wife Angelika Varum pregnant with a second child.But at the ceremony of the award "Muz-TV" where a celebrity couple Angelica placed all points over "i", writes "Moskovsky Komsomolets". "We are a hundred times diluted. Said that Lenya - alcoholic, I drink too much. So the rumor of pregnancy - the most positive. But, unfortunately, only a rumor. Читать полностью -->

Robert Pattinson has led Stewart to the concert

Robert Pattinson has led Stewart to the concert Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is still a lot of time together. Recently they were spotted at the concert of Kings of Leon in Vancouver, where the actors sat around, drank beer, smoked and talked.Rumors about their romance did not cease, especially now that their meetings became frequent due to the upcoming filming. Source: Robert Pattinson has led Stewart to the concert (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Robbie Williams appeared in public with his girlfriend

Robbie Williams appeared in public with his girlfriendRobbie Williams has got a British paparazzi with his girlfriend Aida field. The couple visited the Queen musical "We Will Rock You" plays friend, Robbie, Jonathan Wilkes and at the exit of the theatre was otdelka photographers.The British press reported that Aida is not terribly pleasant to be in their country. She even kind of like pushed Robbie ultimatum: either they return to America, or their relationship is over. "Aida unhappy in England, - add fuel to the fire of gossip. Robbie drew her idyllic picture of life in his country to convince to move to it. And here she is - and he sits at home and on the street is chosen just to go to a soccer game or to play poker. Читать полностью -->

Last rehearsal of Michael Jackson

Last rehearsal of Michael Jackson A series of photographs taken during a recent rehearsal of Michael Jackson, has been published in several publications. According to Rolling Stone magazine, these photos were taken in Los Angeles on June 23, two days before the death of the pop star.Pictured Jackson captured the dancing and singing in the background set the stage light design with the words "This Is It!" - so should have been called a series of 50 concerts that pop singer was born in London. The first show was scheduled for July 13.The author of the photo is an employee of Getty Images, Kevin Mazur (Kevin Mazur) hired by the promoters of Jackson. According to the British newspaper The Daily Mirror, despite the fact that on these photos Jackson looks weak and sickly, he still gives the impression of a man totally focused on his work.It is noteworthy that the photos Jackson captured in different costumes, which indicates the magnitude of the impending show. It was reported that the concerts of the pop singer on the stage of London's O2 Arena, which were to mark his return to the world stage, could be among the most ambitious in scope.Especially for those presentations, the organizers gave Jackson a lot of the costumes and set various attributes and scenery for concerts: floating sphere, igniting the bed, pyrotechnics, animals, and special anaglyph glasses for the audience (the fixture was designed to view the performance of the song "Thriller").Jackson announced the resumption musical career in March 2009. Originally, he planned to give ten concerts in London, but due to the big hype around the show, the number of performances was increased to 50. Читать полностью -->

Paul Laugh will bury on khovanskoye cemetery

Paul Laugh will bury on khovanskoye cemeteryActor, singer and composer Paul daring, on the night of July 11, died in Germany, will be buried at khovanskoye cemetery in Moscow, not at Troekurov, as previously reported.About July 15, reports "Interfax" with reference to friend of the deceased, musician theatre "Lenkom" Anatoly Abramov.That Laugh will be buried at the cemetery Troekurov, journalists on July 13, said the Director of theatre "Lenkom" mark Varshaver.Paul died daring at the 53rd year of life. In recent years he suffered from cancer and was undergoing treatment in one of clinics of Germany (in Russia the cancer in this stage refused to treat). To save his life, the German doctors were unable. Funeral date artist yet to be appointed, because his body was transported to his homeland.From 1980 to 2007, the daring worked in "Lenkom", participating in productions of "til", "People and birds", "the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta", "Juno and Avos". Since 1977 he has been professionally engaged in music. Songs performed Laugh can be heard in the films "Mary Poppins, goodbye!", "December 32", "good weather In Deribasovskaya or Brighton beach again there are rains", "Trust which has burst", "wartime romance", "Valentin and Valentina". Читать полностью -->

Oleg Yankovsky was awarded the prize posthumously

Oleg Yankovsky was awarded the prize posthumouslyAt the opening of the 31st Moscow international film festival, actor Oleg Yankovsky posthumously awarded with the Prize of a name of Stanislavsky "I believe." To present the award, took the stage the film "the Tsar" Pavel Lungin and - Philip Jankowski.The name of Oleg Ivanovich motive hopeless sorrow sounded at the third festival in a row. 20 may Shine Cannes has faded before raznesshayasya on the Cote d'azur news: was not Yankovsky. June 7, the opening day of the 20th of "Kinotavr" he, like 19 years before, watched the scene in the hall of the Winter theatre - but with screens. 19 June in Moscow the President of the Moscow international film festival Nikita Mikhalkov announced the award of a name of Stanislavsky and called the name of Oleg Yankovsky.Went up to the stage by his son. Chairman of the jury of the festival in 2009, and Director, whose film the actor has played his last movie role, expressed Jankowski Jr. "genuflection, admiration and eternal love to his father. Читать полностью -->

Whitney Houston returns to the stage

Whitney Houston returns to the stagePopular pop singer, star of the Oscar-winning film "the Bodyguard" Whitney Houston September 1, will release their new album, marking his return to the stage after a seven year break.This is stated in the report on the website of the recording Studio Arista Records."The new album of Whitney Houston will be released worldwide September 1, 2009 Studio Arista Records. This is the seventh Studio album Whitney," reports the company.Since beginning her singing career in 1985, recording her albums, singles and videos sold around the world circulation of more than 170 million copies, according to the text of the message.Names and details of CD Arista Records does not reveal.Houston for many years remained a superstar - now 45-year-old actress is the owner of the 400 + different music awards."Houston remains exceptional force in music", - underlined in the message recording Studio.However, the glory Houston was, alas, not only musical accomplishments. "Yellow press" constantly relished stories about the passion of the singer to drugs, as well as gossip about her difficult family life, a beating, get it from her husband, musician and dancer Bobby brown, and then of a painful divorce in 2007.The singer at one time almost disappeared from view of the public and only recently returned to the stage, making the most captious critics to talk about yourself. So, a lot of noise made her triumphant performance at one of the parties prior to the ceremony, the most prestigious musical award "the Grammy". Source: Whitney Houston returns to the stage. . Читать полностью -->

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