Deep Purple will publish double DVD rarities

Deep Purple will publish double DVD raritiesBritish hard rock band Deep Purple is preparing to publish on DVD collection of rare records, reports Blabbermouth.The double-disc "History, Hits & Highlights" will be released via Eagle Rock Entertainment on 2 June. In this compilation of previously unreleased concert and Studio footage of the period 1968 to 1976. During this time in Deep Purple has had four composition and recorded such classic albums as "In Rock", "Fireball", "Machine Head" and "Burn". In addition to performances, the DVD will get a rare interview, record a TV program with participation of musicians, as well as a photo gallery and a 20-minute documentary film about the history of the team.Among the other songs in the tracklist of the DVD "History, Hits & Highlights" present "Hush", "Speed King", "Black Night", "Child In Time", "Lazy", "Strange Kind Of Woman", "Into The Fire", "Never Before", "Highway Star", "Smoke On The Water" and others.The latest album Deep Purple - "Rapture of the Deep" was released in 2005. The group is still on a world tour to support this CD and recently visited with concerts in Moscow. Source: Deep Purple will publish double DVD rarities. Читать полностью -->

Announced the nominees for the `Emmy`

Announced the nominees for the `Emmy`In the U.S., announced the nominees for the 61-th television award "Emmy", reports Reuters. The largest number of nominations - 22 - TV-series 30 Rock, has already received in the past year, the Emmy as best Comedy series.16 awards presents the "Mad men" (Mad Men), a year earlier marked the American television Academy as the best dramatic television show.Rival Mad men in the fight for the title of best drama will be the TV series "lost" (Lost), "Dexter" (Dexter), "house MD" (House) and others. Source: Announced the nominees for the Emmy awards. . . . Читать полностью -->

Drew Barrymore came out for gay marriage

Drew Barrymore came out for gay marriageAs you know, the California Supreme court, by a six to one vote, approved the amendment, called Proposition 8, which prohibits residents of the state to officially register same-sex marriages.Against the adoption of Proposition 8 were many celebrities: Steven Spielberg, for example, or brad pitt. Both have donated considerable funds for the campaign against the amendment. Now its part agreed to amend and drew Barrymore. The actress took part in a protest March held in West Hollywood."I am who I am, thanks to those people who have influenced me when I was growing up, and many of these people were gay. "She said. - No one has the right to tell anyone that has a family... Читать полностью -->

The results of the investigation of the death of Cherepanov

The results of the investigation of the death of CherepanovThe Department of investigation (SU) SKP the Russian Federation across the Omsk region refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the doctors who conducted the medical supervision of a hockey player "Avant-guard" Alexey Tcherepanov, tragically died during a match.The death of a young hockey player is recognized as an accident.Recall that the sudden death of 19-year-old Alexei Cherepanov occurred on 13 October 2008, during the championship match of the KHL, Vityaz - Avangard in Chekhov situated near Moscow. Three minutes before the end of normal time Cherepanov, being on the bench, lost consciousness. The doctors are unable to bring him back to life. In December, the Russian investigative Committee has decided to send the materials to the Prosecutor of the Moscow and Omsk regions.First Deputy head of the investigative Department of the investigative Committee of the procuracy of the Russian Federation across the Omsk region Evgenie dalhalyow said that Cherepanov from six to eighteen months suffered from myocarditis - infectious inflammation of the heart muscle. To identify this disease in the ordinary medical procedures impossible. As the hockey player did not complain about their health, no in-depth surveys were not conducted. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan is in the image of rock ' n ' roll girls

Lindsay Lohan is in the image of rock ' n ' roll girls As long as the world is going "Rock wave", Lindsay Lohan and Italian fashion brand Fomarina forge iron, on the spot.It may, of course, the inspiration for them was not a film by Richard Curtis with Philip Seymour Hoffman, bill Nighy, Rice Ifanca, Nick frost and Co, but personally I'd like to think so ("Freaky Friday" because so long as left). In addition, you see, in this way Linds is very similar to one of the girls, every two Saturdays svalivshihsya aboard a pirate station. And, most importantly, it is, in my opinion, much better than Lohan photo shoot for Spanish Vogue in a weak likeness of Marilyn Monroe. Source: Lindsay Lohan is in the image of rock ' n ' roll girls (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

`Gogol's house` in Moscow will expand

`Gogol's house` in Moscow will expandOpened on March 27 in Moscow Museum "Gogol's House" will increase due to the additional wings. About it reports "Interfax" with reference to Sergey Khudyakov, the head of the Department of culture under the government of Moscow.RIA Novosti also writes about the expansion of the Museum, citing the same official, however, quoted Khudyakova otherwise: "After a while, unfortunately, not as fast as wanted, to the memorial Museum of Gogol will join the library room of the writer, which is also located in the mansion on Nikitsky Boulevard. And the library itself will occupy space in the building opposite the House of Gogol"."Gogol's house" is located in the mansion's Thick on Nikitsky Boulevard: this house the writer spent his last years (1848-1852). Since 1971, this building is the municipal library, where staff in 1974, opened a memorial room". Since 2005 the library received the name "Gogol's House", and in 2008 began the design of the Museum by the artist Leontius Ozernikova. He himself in an interview with Izvestia called the exposition "conditional", because in the Museum collection are very few original items belonging to the writer.In the future, the Museum and library will have to split up: the Museum will remain 7a in the house on Nikitsky Boulevard, and the Museum will move to the building across the street - building 7, write "Izvestia". Читать полностью -->

The Mikhalkov's daughter is preparing for her wedding with Director

The Mikhalkov's daughter is preparing for her wedding with DirectorThe noble blood actress Nadia Mikhalkov and fashion Director Rezo Gigineishvili has come out of hiding on the boulevards, hiding a romantic relationship.So lovers behaved last summer when they realized that they would be together. Now Nadia and Rezo openly sit in the best restaurants of the city in an embrace, and there was no conspiracy: six months before the wedding - not before.DinnerGigineishvili, which for a long time could not offer my daughter Nikita Sergeevich hand and heart, finally, officially divorced from singer Nastya Kochetkova and is ready to become a member of the "gentleman" of the family. 21-year-old Nadia, despite such large-scale future changes, remains the epitome of modesty. Even such bold actions as the escape film with my sister, she does quietly, as if to say "I am not involved". With prestigious ceremony, which is annually conducted by Anna Mikhalkov, Nadia and Rezo ran off, not waiting for the start. Couple went to an expensive restaurant in the center of Moscow.- A table at our restaurant has been booked in advance - shared with LIFE.RU in the restaurant. Читать полностью -->

DiCaprio left his fiancГ©e

DiCaprio left his fiancГ©eAppeared in the past month, the rumors about the breakup of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli were immediately refuted by combining photos of the couple.Now, however, they resumed with renewed vigor, and initiated their Leo himself, who, de, told his fans that he's now the guy is single. It was like this: Leo accompanied by a guard roamed around London, when he was surrounded by a gaggle of groupies. They were lucky to find out the news first. Here is told The London Paper's anonymous source:"There was a lady who wanted to come closer to Leonardo. He even had a special guard to keep away. Leonardo told people that he was definitely alone, but none of the women surrounding him he wasn't interested". Читать полностью -->

The Jackson funeral postponed indefinitely

The Jackson funeral postponed indefinitelyRelatives, most likely, will not bury the body of Michael Jackson, while they will not return to the brain of the singer, told the investigator, the leading cause of the death of the king of pop.The part of the brain died a week and a half ago, singer Michael Jackson is still the investigators, told reporters on Tuesday the Deputy chief coroner (investigator leading the case of a mysterious death) Los Angeles ed winter."As soon as we finish the study of the brain, we will return it to relatives of the deceased. It is necessary to conduct a series neuropathologically tests," said winter.He noted that often the relatives of the dead postpone the funeral until the return of all remains, however, in this case, the Jackson family was not informed of his intentions."As far as I know, they have to bury the body not going," he said.In the press long ago, rumors about the place and date of burial of Michael Jackson. Earlier it was reported that relatives and friends would betray the body of Michael Jackson's earth on the territory of the Neverland ranch, but the laws of the state of California bans the burial of uncremated remains outside of a cemetery.Yesterday, July 7, in Los Angeles held a farewell ceremony with the singer. Fans and journalists believed that the body of the singer will be buried on the same day at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, California. However, a group of journalists and fans who were waiting at the cemetery gates the arrival of the funeral cortege, and saw nothing.Michael Jackson died on June 25 2009 in California at the age of 50 years. The cause of death is still unclear, since the results of two autopsies made body is not yet ready. Читать полностью -->

Robert De Niro could be involved in `Machete`

Robert De Niro could be involved in `Machete`Robert Rodriguez still filmed his own trailer to "Grindhouse and determined cast. In addition to performing the main role Danny Trejo, the film can be busy Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah hill and Robert De Niro.Information was received from the camp Director, from anonymous sources. Filming "Machete" will begin on 29 July. The Director's chair Rodriguez shares with his long-time editor Ethan Manikyam. In the role of Machete - Danny Trejo, which is assumed by the trailer.But then the fun begins. Sources indicate that Michelle Rodriguez will play a kind of Machete in a skirt and call John hill a kind of "Julio" - what will be the role in the movie star "SuperПерцев" is unclear. Читать полностью -->

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