Susan Boyle will perform in the final of the talent competition

Susan Boyle will perform in the final of the talent competitionScottish star Susan Boyle, who became famous on the Internet after participating in the TV show Britain's Got Talent, reached the final of the contest, performing the song Memory from the famous Broadway musical Cats, according to CNN.The emergence of Susan Boyle on stage called triumphant return. Doubt that she will get a ticket to the final, no one had any. The unexpected decision of the jury was only for the Housewives. The final will be held on may 30.On Saturday it became known that Boyle is ready to record a solo album. She will perform arias from classic Broadway musicals. As expected in June, she will begin work on the disc together with the Czech national Symphony orchestra, reports the Mirror newspaper.Recall, about a month ago the movie with a spectacular performance in the TV show 47-year-old Susan Boyle, who identified himself as a simple lonely housewife, watched by over 100 million users on the Internet, as well as Barack Obama. Читать полностью -->

Painting brush Kudrin was sold for 100 thousand euros

Painting brush Kudrin was sold for 100 thousand eurosAt a meeting held on April 14 charity auction were sold a few paintings, painted by the Russian Ministers, businessmen and actors.At the auction the picture painted by Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin was sold to an unnamed businessman for 100 thousand euros (about 4.4 million), according to Reuters. For comparison, the picture drawn by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, was sold at auction in January 2009 for 37 million rubles.In addition to Kudrin, at a charity auction their work to put the head of Sberbank German Gref (he drew the boy Smurfs), the head of VTB Andrey Kostin (he painted a rather bleak picture: bills and coins in the Bank) and the owner of ONEXIM group billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov (his name signed picture of "Prisoner of Courchevel").How much money was raised at the auction, not specified. We only know that all proceeds from the sale of paintings will be sent to the orphanages and boarding schools.Information about whether the paintings were made with government officials and businessmen on their own, no. It should be noted that in the case of a painting of Putin the drawing process took place in two stages: first, the Prime Minister portrayed the sketch, which was then modified by a professional artist. Source: Painting brush Kudrin was sold for 100 thousand euros. . Читать полностью -->

The group `Tatu` ceased to exist

The group `Tatu` ceased to existProvocative duet "Tatu" has ceased to exist. Lead singer Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova decided to work separately from each other and fully concentrate on solo careers."Recently held a "productive meeting", which adopted a unanimous decision to terminate the existence of the "Tattoo". This decision was not spontaneous and Mature for a long time. For ethical reasons do not want to touch reasons, but they are neither creative nor with the commercial aspects," according to the press service of the group.Lena Katina will begin work on a solo career in America this spring. At the end of the summer, the singer will officially unveil the new team, with whom she will work. And Julia has recently returned from the US, where it has long began recording his solo songs.Lena and Yulia is now going to sing only in English, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Читать полностью -->

Leda GaGa was photographed for Out magazine's vamp-photo shoot

Leda GaGa was photographed for Out magazine's vamp-photo shoot Outrageous singer Leda GaGa was photographed for Out magazine's vamp-photo shoot. Natural - naked and with unusual accessories.Photographed the singer of the famous Ellen von Unwerth, who came up with the concept of women-you and the bride of Frankenstein. Source: Leda GaGa was photographed for Out magazine's vamp-photo shoot (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Rudkovskaya preparing for the wedding

Rudkovskaya preparing for the weddingYana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko actively preparing for the wedding that will take place, as they say themselves lovers, this summer. The other day the bride went to the salon, where she's already picked out a few dresses for the upcoming ceremony.To help Rudkovskaya with the choice of attire decided stylists fashion glossy weekly magazine OK! Joanna offered plenty of choices - luxurious dresses from famous designers, which she gladly tried. However, to make the final choice of the bride still found it difficult and took a pause for reflection, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".But the groom, they say, was delighted, having seen pictures from the fitting. Plushenko believes that his girlfriend looks great in any outfit. Perhaps this confused Rudkovskaya. As you know, to see the brides dress before the wedding is bad luck. Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Pozner will meet the anniversary in Paris

Vladimir Pozner will meet the anniversary in ParisVladimir Pozner, who left last fall as President of the Academy of television and radio broadcasting, was named by colleagues as the best Russian television interviewer. On the day of the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Vladimirovich, Days.Ru resemble than he deserved it.Posner is one of those figures who, it seems, never left the television screen throughout the years of existence of the Soviet television. In the 85 year and it was memorable to our audience as the host of the teleconference Leningrad-Seattle, 86 - Leningrad-Boston. It was the television debut Posner, and after that his career developed rapidly. At the time, to find in the Union of the educated man, fluent in French and English, and thus does not belong to the world of state structures, it was almost impossible.Although Posner graduated from the biological faculty of Moscow state University, writing and translation activities, it attracted more and because at first worked, as he says himself, "clerk" Samuel Marshak (until he was kicked out for the spirit of adventure).In the early 90s, he often appeared on the television show American Phil Donahue, while living in the United States. Living at the invitation Donahue in USA, Pozner every month flew to Russia to record "We" and "masked Man" - and so it went for several years until 1999. Читать полностью -->

The finalist `Miss Australia` suspected anorexia

The finalist `Miss Australia` suspected anorexiaIn Australia, a scandal is unfolding in connection with reaching the final of the beauty contest "Miss Australia" too skinny girls.One of the finalists seemed to doctors and nutritionists overly exhausted, they believe that her thinness is harmful to health and is a wrong example for young couldnГ­t keep the momentum.19-year-old model from Sydney Stefania Naumoska got to the finals among the 32 girls, chosen by a jury of 7000 candidates from across the country, reports Reuters. Naumoska took the second place, the next day after the contest, local Newspapers came out with headlines like: "Bony or beautiful?" and pictures of the anorexic Naumoska posing in a red bikini.Doctors and nutritionists immediately raised the alarm, as the body mass index in the model is only 15,1, while the permissible level 18. This indicator is computed as the ratio of body weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. Stephanie Naumoska at 180 cm tall, weighs 49 kg. a Dietician Melanie Mukhriz told reporters that will require blood tests and a full assessment of the health status of girls, to ensure that Naumoska not suffering from anorexia.Director Shaw Deborah Miller stood up for a beautiful brunette that is in the final, defeated 20-year-old TV presenter and model Rachael Finch, saying that she had a "Macedonian" body type. "They have long, flexible bodies and thin bones. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow opened a monument to Milorad Pavic

In Moscow opened a monument to Milorad PavicIn Moscow, in the courtyard of the Library for foreign literature, on 24 June 2009, the company opened a sculptural portrait of the Serbian writer Milorad Pavic.The author of "Khazar dictionary" himself was going to come to the ceremony, but refused to visit to the Russian capital before the trip because of poor health, according to radio "Culture".Soon Russian will be released two new books by Pavic: the novel "the Fly" (his promise to release in September) and guide "the Big book of Belgrade". According to the radio station, the writer is now working on "Serbian book of the dead".In the courtyard of the library are monuments to James Joyce and Ferdowsi. Source: In Moscow, a monument to Milorad Pavic. . . . Читать полностью -->

Christina Агилера унизила Britney Spears

Christina Агилера унизила Britney SpearsAmerican pop diva Christina Aguilera has humiliated his colleague, singer Britney Spears, refusing tickets to her concert.The girls have known each other since the beginning of 1990-ies and since then are considered to be bitter rivals. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage in due time received the title of "discovery of the year" at the ceremony of the award "Grammy". But Britney to a certain point were leading by the number of videos, concerts, and fans. Up until a scandalous marriage with Kevin and motherhood did not end for her nervous breakdown, shave bald head, deprivation of custody of children, a stay in a rehabilitation clinic and was completely removed from his career.But this year, the singer took himself in hand, started to work. In March she went on a world tour in support of their new album Circus, which began performances in his native New Orleans. Tour includes 44 Concerto for four months.On one of their live performances, the singer was invited by Christina Aguilera, offering her some of the best seats in the front row. Читать полностью -->

Celebrities make you gain weight

Celebrities make you gain weight Years and years the ruthless world of fashion business inoculated fashion annorexic thinness. Overly slender girl, hardly moving feet, still held firmly on the catwalk, falling in a faint at work.Today, things are changing. Will be back in fashion a healthy appearance, and ribbed sides malnourished beauties arouse only pity.One of the clearest examples of the fact that sometimes some extra weight is not so odd, was the actress and singer Jennifer Love Hewitt.The star of "Serdtseeda", which had always been delicate physique, several years ago, greatly added to the weight, than do not hesitate to cause a wave of disapproval of fans.Only the actress did not panic and was not in a hysterical fit to change personal trainer: she just took part in a racy photo shoot for a famous men's magazine, where he proved that you can look beautiful and sexy, not rattling bones.To add a few pounds and will soon have angelina Jolie.The producers of the film, which will star, direct text told Jolie that do not want to see her emaciated form on the set.Besides the fact that it is not suitable for the role, for anybody not a secret that frequent fainting during strenuous shootings have become the norm for mothers-heroines. Angelina is already criticized for being too implausible figure for the professional killer in wanted.The creators of the new action took into account the error of the Russian colleagues Timur Bekmambetov and insist on a balanced diet for the first beauties of Hollywood.The recognized sex symbol of Hollywood, the 23-year-old Megan Fox, more famous for his seductive shapes than film roles, too, was forced to recall the proper combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, when she went to a casting for "Transformers".The reason why the girl told to gain weight, simple - Director Michael Bay doesn't like skinny women.Remembers herself Megan, the amendment was a very enjoyable experience: "I ate a very delicious cakes for the night".Before the reunion of the legendary group the Spice Girls world tour organizers asked Victoria Beckham to eat well, because rumors about anorexia singer - not the best advertising.Rumor has it that the SEPs, given her passion for crumble dresses, the boxes, the idea of a 5-meals a day is not relished, but had to obey.However, the wife of footballer David Beckham has rapidly lost much, having read the burial service last concert hit its zero size still flashes before the eyes of the fans. And yet, according to many, this it-wonder woman kills your body, because healthy appearance she was much more.Forced to put on weight even had miss England Georgia HORSLEY, when she fought for the crown of "Miss world" in 2007.The organizers warned the party that they want to see on stage curvaceous girls, and offered for her own good to exclude from the diet of low-fat products.However, the girl , and without that weighed almost 57 kg, increase their form was not in a hurry, for which he paid: first place honorable competition took Chinese woman Zhang styling.But the bodily transformations of famous model Karolina Kurkova is not very much to employers, although girls attempt to maintain the trend of healthy-looking mannequins from it is not less commendable.Came out last year on the catwalk at the fashion Week in Sao Paulo, the model demonstrated a designer bikini, wagging markedly enlarged hips.After this "angel" of the iconic brand of Victoria Secret almost to pieces, tore the pages of the glossy, juicy perezhivavshego new "diet" successful top model.Note that although activists raised the alarm about the depletion models, it became fashionable for malnourished boys. Just did something no one expected - someone "sting" of men. Читать полностью -->

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