Nikolay Rastorguev is on the mend

Nikolay Rastorguev is on the mendFor the first time after complex surgery for a kidney transplant Nikolay Rastorguev went for a walk. The first steps in the fresh air was given to the musician is not easy.To persuade doctors to allow him to walk Nikolay Vyacheslavovich was not easy. Doctors believe that the body is not yet Mature and there is a chance of catching any infection. Even the wife of singer Natalia doctors recommended in the house to put on a gauze bandage.And yet before the request of Nicholas V. the specialists of the Institute of Transplantology couldn't resist.Walk the famous "Frank's a big commander" went accompanied by a musician in his band. The man, dressed in a tracksuit and baseball cap, was not immediately recognize imposing Rastorguev. Читать полностью -->

Wife of Tony Blair parading naked

Wife of Tony Blair parading nakedThe picture, which depicts the naked body of 22-year-old Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, put up for sale in a London gallery in Mayfair. The cost image is 600 thousand pounds.Canvas Striding Nude, blue dress" was written by the artist Ewan Uglow in 1972. At this time, future wife Cherie Blair, who in girlhood bore the name of Booth, just graduated from the London school of Economics. One of the features of the picture is that the body, depicted on canvas, written with Cherie Booth, and the head from another model.According to experts, the artist was unable to write head future Mrs. Blair because of her employment, associated with a rather slow manner of operation of Aglow. Note that earlier in the gallery Browse & Darby placed the sketch for this painting. Читать полностью -->

Some of the secrets of the movie `new Moon`

Some of the secrets of the movie `new Moon`Kristen Stewart shared some interesting details of shooting "new Moon". It turns out that the scene where she jumps off a cliff will do with the help of computer graphics.The girl did not dare herself with insurance to perform the trick. The actress said she already scanned head to create a double.In the story Bella loses her sanity because of the break with Edward and jumps down from the cliff into the icy water to hear his voice, who hears every time she's in danger. Fans so worried about the climax that some even created their own video showing how it happens. Before that everyone was discussing whether Stewart really jump itself. "Unfortunately no," says the actress, "I have almost prepared for the fact that I have to jump, but no. Читать полностью -->

On the `Lenfilm` paint a black and white `Cinderella`

On the `Lenfilm` paint a black and white `Cinderella`About the film "Cinderella" started talking again. Now discuss movies as rapidly as they were 62 years ago, after the release.The audience colored version causes mixed feelings. Sell color "Cinderella" here, on film, actually began 12 years ago when the film was released in VHS format on the tape. But until recently, the color could only cover as a promotional move. The movie itself was black and white, according to NTV.As told the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Director "thumbnail-video" Yuri Ivanov, in the process of working on the film, our specialists have found a unique document - a transcript of the meeting of the artistic Council under the Ministry of cinematography of the USSR from February 14, 1946. There the floor was taken by illustrious artist Boris Babochkin and directed by Ivan Pyryev. Читать полностью -->

The Karachentsov get to fulfill my dream home

The Karachentsov get to fulfill my dream homeNikolay Karachentsov in the past since the terrible accident some years failed to fulfill his main dream is to star in a movie or to go on stage. But the actor and his family do not lose hope.People's artist of Russia may return to the stage on October 26, reports "Interfax".As it became known, on stage with the participation of Nikolai Petrovich Karachentsov will show the play "Love is nothing" on the play Alla Azarova "Grammar insomnia". "In the play we are talking about a love triangle by Australian poet Rainer Maria Rilke, Boris Pasternak and Marina Tsvetaeva. It had already been put on a radio drama, in which the role Pasternak was announced by the Karachentsov. Now we will put this play on stage," said one of the initiators of the project.New show scheduled show on October 26-27 in variety Theatre, and it will be dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Nikolay Karachentsov.Recall that in February 2005, the Karachentsov at full speed crashed his car into a pole, the doctors didn't give him any chance. But the actor managed to extricate himself from the coma and be able to withstand a series of complex operations. Читать полностью -->

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